Published on 02/16/12


I just finished finalizing plans for the Bostonian Bible study, which is to meet tomorrow. We had to shift the location since Bruce’s home will not be available. Bruce’s wife, Fabiola, finally received the appropriate permission to immigrate to the United States from Argentina (thanks for praying). She arrived Thanksgiving day, and the two of them are taking several days to become reacquainted. As a result, we have moved the Bible study to Antonio’s home. At the present time, Antonio is hosting a large, needy family in his small condominium. There is a mother, father, at least seven children and Antonio all living in very limited space. Antonio has taken this family into his home in order to prevent them from living on the street. Several of the children have been attending our Sunday fellowship meeting and the father was at the last Bostonian Bible study. In fact, Lenny (the father) and his friend Julio attended our study for the first time two weeks ago. During our prayer time each of these men asked us to pray that they might be delivered from cocaine and alcohol addiction. After our time of prayer, the study turned into a rollicking affair, at times combative, but in the end productive. Antonio later reported that the study actually continued late into the night as Julio and Lenny discussed what they had learned and experienced earlier during the Bible study. I view tomorrow as an exceptional opportunity to further the work of God in Boston. Please pray that the Word of God will be effectively ministered to this family. Pray that our God will save them in every way.

It has been difficult to schedule the time needed to write an end-of-year review of the Boston ministry. Although I still plan to do so, in the meantime, I hope to send several shorter updates. The Lord willing, tomorrow afternoon I may send a short note sharing the blessing of our International Thanksgiving Dinner, and the results of our study tomorrow.

Please pray for me and the Bostonian study to be held tomorrow at 12PM in Chelsea.

Bill Edmondson