Published on 02/16/12

International Thanksgiving Dinner

Thank you for praying for our Annual International Thanksgiving Dinner. The Lord helped us fill our room with 65 guests. Of course, many of these were either members of our fellowship or friends from other churches who came to help. We also had a significant number of people with whom our parishioners had already initiated life-giving relationships. A third category of individuals were those new acquaintances who heard about us from our friends and decided to join the festivities. Deb did most of the cooking for our dinner of 65, with Trinity Baptist Church providing pies and support for the dinner itself. Our small church family joined together working throughout the day to prepare the fellowship hall for the dinner. All in all, it was another solid night for the ministry in Boston. Most importantly, the IBF was able to show its Christian heart to our international friends. We hope and pray that this will be the first step into life eternal for some.

Bostonian Bible Study

I also asked you to pray for our Bostonian Bible Study. I am happy to report that the study went well. It was a little chaotic, which is only to be expected when a small apartment is inhabited by so large a number. However, the children were well-behaved, and the Bible study participants attentive. Lenny, who was quite argumentative at the study several weeks ago, prepared a sumptuous lunch for all, which was proceeded by prayer with held hands joined together. Lenny again asked for prayer concerning getting his life together and becoming a responsible father. The study produced good soul-searching questions followed by a meaningful, biblically-directed discussion. A step forward was made. Please pray for Lenny, his family and the Bostonian Bible study. Pray that this family will be rescued, and that it will be the first of many such families impacted by the ministry of our International Baptist Fellowship.

What are We Doing?

Please remember, it is our goal to minister the gospel to the whole demographic (community) of urban Boston, and, by doing so, minister to the world here and abroad. We plan on ministering across all ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic divides—just like the early church. Doing so is difficult, and the opportunity for misunderstandings incessant. Please pray for us as we join our Savior in building His global-church.

Pray and Praise

Our fellowship has been praying for many months (even years) for several reoccurring requests. We are thankful to God that He is answering those prayers. One of our members recently acquired meaningful employment after a prolonged search. This means she and her husband will be able to remain in the United States. This is welcome news indeed. Secondly, Bruce’s wife, Fabiola, arrived from Argentina on Thanksgiving Day. He has been waiting and praying two years for this to happen. I am so thankful for the faithfulness of our fellowship, who persevered by means of prayer, and received the answer we all needed. Mostly, we praise our God who works in us and for us. Recently, a young lady from China placed her trust in the Savior, and Jason from Taiwan, is preparing for baptism. We sense the smile of our Savior as we work to do His will in Boston.

Please continue to pray for us. Ask our Father to enable us to successfully and effectively join Him in building His church in Boston and from Boston to other global, urban centers. I also have a very personal request. It looks like our daughter, Linda, will not be able to return the second semester of her sophomore year at Maranatha because of lack of funds. She needs wisdom concerning what to do, where to live, and how to make the necessary money to return to school.

Thank you for being our partners in ministry,

Bill and Deb

P.S. This morning, at the end of an evangelistic Bible study held by means of Skype, my friend, who currently lives in Beijing, concluded the study with this prayer, “Thank you God for saving me.” Boston to Beijing—Praise the Lord!