Published on 06/07/12

Praying for People

Please pray as we minister in Boston

Please pray for and , an unmarried couple in crises. As a result of drug related problems, the woman’s children were taken from her. Last Wednesday this couple was evicted from their apartment, and on Friday night, domestic problems led to the man’s incarceration. Despite all of these sin issues, this couple show a desire to change and (I think) a desire for Godly change. Please pray for them. Pray that I am able to stay in contact on a regular basis, and for the wisdom to help them out of chaos and into an ordered life—one that is conducive for understanding and fearing God.

Please pray for —a convicted child molester. I am having a Bible study in his home. At this point, I am not pressing for church attendance. He enjoys Bible study and seems to be truly looking for answers. He seems to have embraced Christ but has little understanding concerning godliness—shame for sin, recognition of guilt, personal accountability rather than blame shifting.

Two medical doctors (a husband and wife) wife have become friends, and the husband has had his heart warmed to the gospel. They are returning to China in June. Please pray for the opportunity to explain the gospel more clearly before they leave Boston.

Please pray for a large group of individuals with whom we have evangelistic relationships. Some have responded to Christ others are thinking, none of these are yet baptized.

Please pray for Jason, who was recently baptized and is leaving for Taiwan the first of next month, Jianwei, who is now in Portland Oregon, Jamie, who returned to Taiwan. These have received Christ, were baptized, and discipled and are now moving on to others parts of the world. Pray that they will find good church homes, continue to grow in the Lord, and become excellent witnesses for the gospel.

Arabic Friends! I will not share many details, but Deb and I have become acquainted with several Muslim friends. My gospel intuition tells me there is an opportunity here to do eternal good.

An email you might enjoy:

Hi Deb,

Sorry for the late response. I really wish I could go but now I am on the way to RI. I think I touched the main message of bible before from you all and the other Christians. I also find a website to check if I am right.

To be honest, it’s hard for me to believe God, but from you, Bill and Andy, I know he do exist. You are so kindness and selfless. I will never forget you and keep on looking the Jesus!!

Really sorry that I don’t have enough time after back from RI. Thank you again for everything. You have all played a large part in making my time here unforgettable!

Unforgettable, a good word to describe the joy of serving our Savior in the city.