Published on 06/07/12

Dear Friends and Supporters,

This is an update concerning our global-church planting ministry. Thank-you for your faithful prayer and financial support without which there would not be this Boston ministry.

Praising the Lord

We now have two on-going Beijing Bible studies by means of video conferencing, and a third friend (a medical doctor) who has recently moved back to Beijing. Deb and I are wondering if it is time for us to take a trip to Beijing to, perhaps, draw these individuals together into their own fellowship.

Before our medical doctor friend returned to Beijing, he introduced a colleague to our fellowship. This last Sunday afternoon she spent at least 30 minutes asking questions about the meaning of Christianity and expressed a great desire to know more—I think she would like to be a Christian, but needs to understand what it means to become a Christian.

Last Sunday Tina’s (a baptized disciple of the IBF) parents (visiting from China) were in church. Tina, who is now an entrepreneur, has been a great testimony to her parents. They are looking into Christianity themselves, wondering aloud what the next step might be for them.

After a lengthy time of learning about and thinking through the claims of Christianity, a friend from China has placed His trust in Christ as his Savior and His God. This is a classic illustration of how ministry works here. Our friend was introduced to us by another friend who came to faith and was baptized through this ministry. This new believer then attended many Bible studies, social functions, and other spontaneous events where he was able to not only learn the facts of Christianity but also observe Christians. Through this non-pressurized Christianized environment, he was able to consider the teachings of the Christian worldview. Recently, he confessed that his faith had indeed been transferred to Christ his Savior. This week we begin baptism lessons.

Several of our young disciples continue to grow and glow for the Lord. Ronny (recently baptized) is being discipled by committee. He just can’t seem to get enough of God’s Word. It is his desire to have Bible study daily. Andy Scott (one-time intern now full-time Bostonian) is teaching Ronny historical theology topics while I am reading through the Bible with him. In the fall, Ronny has agreed to accompany me on a trip to Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. Jamie (recently baptized) has returned to Taiwan and has found a good church in which to grow and serve. Her emails reveal a transformed life glowing with the love of Christ. Jason (baptized in January) is now living in Singapore, looking for a job, and locating a church home.

Our fellow-workers, Toby and Susan Stevens, recently cleared another vocational ministry hurdle—they passed their doctrinal exams with Baptist Mid-Missions. They will now attend the BMM candidate seminar in July and then begin the difficult task of raising support.

Asking God for Help


Please pray for baptisms. This is an on-going request of the International Baptist Fellowship. Successful baptisms are the result of good evangelistic Bible Studies, which are the result of good evangelistic relationships, which are the result of prayer and planning. So, when we pray for baptisms, we are praying for diligence in the whole process of drawing a person to our Savior.


Our Bostonian group needs prayer and so do I. This sub-group within our fellowship has seen more than their share of major behavioral issues recently, and this has drained my emotional and Spiritual resources. Please pray for me. I am reminded that the man of God must be patient, kind, yet firm and forthright. I need help here. My patience is running too thin, and, although my commitment remains steadfast, I am having a difficult time showing it. Frankly, it is times like these that remind me that my giftedness is manifested from evangelism through baptism and infant discipleship—it may be time to earnestly pray for the man who will take our fellowship to the next level. This would allow Deb and me to more fully facilitate the urban-church planting movement as members of the IBF.


Our home, which is our discipleship and ministry center is in constant need of maintenance, updating, and repair. We have decided to remove the wall between the kitchen and living room. Removing this wall means that the floor covering in the kitchen and living room will need replaced. In addition to this, the kitchen counter must also be replaced. We hope to spend no more than $1,800.00 for this. Since this project will enhance our ability to minister the gospel to the world that is in Boston, please pray that it will be completed soon. If you are able to give financially or help manually with this construction, please contact me.

Serving the Savior by ministering to the world in Boston,

Bill and Deb Edmondson