Published on 09/20/12

This Week in Boston

Global-Church Planting in Boston September 8, 2012

Dear friends,
     Saturday, August 18th, was a day of great blessing in the life of the
International Baptist Fellowship. It was the day that Haotian and
Yangli were married. Deb became acquainted with Yangli and Haotian
almost two years ago. She met with them for the purpose of helping with
conversational English. The relationship grew into a close friendship
and then an evangelistic Bible study. We have been studying the Bible
together now for about a year and a half. Our study began with a
"Through the Bible" study emphasizing the need of redemption from the
historical account of creation,the events surrounding Adam and Eve, and
the on-going history of God's dealing with mankind, concluding with the
death, burial, and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We
continued by studying the New Testament, including the book of Romans.
Between Romans 15 and 16 Yangli and Craig became Christians, and having
become Christians, they desired Christian marriage. This Sunday
afternoon they will follow the Lord in believer's baptism.
     A IBF Diaspora (the dispersion of a people from their homeland) These are
people who were influenced by the IBF while in Boston, but either have
not yet received the Savior or have become Christians, but have not yet
found a church home. We plan on continuing ministry with them until
Christ is formed in them, and until they have joined or developed a
fellowship of believers. We do this by means of Skype. Today I will ask
you to particularly pray for HZ . (He embraced our Savior while
studying the Gospel of John with me.)
     HZ lives in a major city in China with his wife and two children.
During our study this morning, HZ prayed for our fellowship, his
family, and especially, his wife. We read Acts 19 together. I Skyped
with him while he was in Xiamen on a business trip. In a couple weeks,
HZ plans on traveling to Athens, Greece for business. He desires to
visit the Areopagus. He hopes to come to Boston in early 2013 for
baptism.  In last week's study, HZ was attending a family dinner. Using
his IPad, he introduced me to his extended family, who were sitting
around a large banquet table. HZ explained to them that I was his Bible
teacher. While I gazed at his family, I comprehended more than ever
before our God-given stewardship, "Go therefore and make disciples of
all the nations." Please pray for the IBF Diaspora: 1) that Christ
will be formed in each of them 2)  that they will either find faithful
Christians with whom to fellowship, or will form their own fellowship,
3) that we use divine wisdom in discipling our friends and that we will
be successful, 4) That Deb and I are able to visit China in 2013 for
the purpose of understanding our friends better, and for the purpose of
discipling them, while with them, in their cultural context. HZ is one
of many individuals influenced for with the gospel while in Boston.
Pray that we are able to effectively minister to all of the IBF
     Every afternoon the International Baptist Fellowship meets for Sunday
dinner and our afternoon Bible Study in our personal residence, which
we refer to as our ministry home. Our fellowship and ability to
communicate effectively has been hindered by the layout of our
kitchen/dining room and living room. Therefore, the middle wall is
coming down. The funds have been provided and a work team is forming.
It is now a matter of setting a time for the construction. When the
wall is removed and supporting beam put in place, there will be other
work required--a hardwood floor will need to be installed. Please pray
that we can complete the work by third week of October.
      We began as a Bible study, we developed into a fellowship, and we will
soon become a church. We are now working on our Statement of Faith.
Next, our church covenant will be developed, and finally, we will
organize our church constitution. The Lord willing, we plan on becoming
a New Testament local church by early January of next year--pray for
Bill and Deb