Published on 06/28/13

Our Home is Changing

Thank you for praying and giving towards the renovation of our ministry home living room and kitchen/dining area. Although the work is going much slower now, it is getting done. Yesterday I finished hanging my second door—it opens and shuts at least. If I can fit it in, today I will begin to work on tile floor in the kitchen and in front of our front door. I still need to do electrical work (I hope the results are not shocking), sheet rock, paint and replace the wood trim, and reattach the about twelve network cables. I am not skilled in these areas so please pray for me.

Eva has placed her faith in Jesus Christ. She has been studying the Bible with us for a while, but, recently, when seeing a rainbow, she realized she believed in the promise of God. I had the joy of watching Eva share her new found faith with a friend. Her confidence in the Lord was obvious. It is such a privilege to watch the Holy Spirit transform lives in His time and in His way. On Christmas Eve, I received an email from Sun stating that He is now ready for Christian baptism. Sun has been a friend of ours for several years, but we had lost contact with him. But God continued to work in Sun’s heart, and he has responded in a big way. Just before Christmas a young woman by the name of Carol also responded to the call of our Savior. Ronnie, who is a young disciple, lead two of these individuals to the Lord. This means we will have a baptism service for at least four individuals on January 27th (Franklyn responded to Christ earlier in the year and also desires Christian baptism) .

We now have a Spanish speaking Bible study for women. This started when Isabel announce one Sunday morning, “I will go anywhere and do anything if somebody will just teach me the Bible.” I’m sure I didn’t get the quote right, but you understand her fervor. In another development, God is answering our prayers in the children’s ministry category. Several Christians will be joining our fellowship and they seem to be geared for children’s ministry. It is our ardent prayer to be able to care for the children of our city—they desperately need the love of Christ manifested in every way.

Please pray that what we are doing in Boston will multiply repeatedly. We are working to that end