Published on 06/28/13

The Testimony of Eva,

I remember at the first lesson of my Bible Study, I learned that everyone is sinful. Before, I thought I was a good person who never hurt others or did bad things. Until Bill asked me at our first Bible study lesson: have you ever hurt your parents or close friends? Or have you ever felt guilty sometime in the past? The answer is definitely yes! Then I realized that I am sinful. And I believe everyone is sinful. In the past several months, I was always thinking if I believe God! I was not sure about the answer until I saw the rainbow in the sky when I traveled in Puerto Rico. When I saw the rainbow at that time, it suddenly hit me that God must be showing his promise to me! How amazing and great God is. At that time, I realized that God is already in my heart. What’s more, thank Ronnie helped me find the last step towards believing God. Before the last step, I cannot find the connection between Jesus and me. But Ronnie reminded me that Jesus Christ knows me and takes care of me because he takes care of everyone! I know this is God’s plan that made me meet Bill, Deb, and other church family members. Thank Bill for teaching me Bible. And Thank God for letting me know you by sending Bill and Deb to me.

Eva is one of four individuals who will be baptized on the 27th of this month. Her testimony is similar to the testimony of many of our Asian friends. Over the past several months, she has learned all the facts about salvation. Eva placed her faith in the triune God including the Son who died for her sins. When she saw a rainbow while traveling, in a way that only God fully comprehends, faith came to Eva, and she took the step of reasoned faith into life everlasting. Praise the Lord!

Bill and Deb in Boston