Published on 04/17/13

Dear Friends,

As this letter is being written, I am sitting at Trident Cafe just around the corner from where, yesterday, terror visited Boston. On the walk here this afternoon, I passed Snowden International High School, which is at most 1/8 mile from where the first bomb was set off. Snowden International was the home of our first church planting efforts. It is the place where we first engaged our international city with the explosive power of the gospel.

The terrorists strike in strategic places to cause the world to fear. We minister in places prepared by God (the international city) to proclaim the gospel of peace globally. Indeed, there is a battle in the city for the souls of people, but our Savior will build His church—no earthly or spiritual force is able to thwart Him. Therefore, we are eager to join Him in the battle for the city. We need not fear.

A good and godly friend suggested he might think twice before visiting Boston. But he agreed, retreating is not an option. Like David’s mighty men, we should advance rather than retreat, protect our turf rather than flee, defeat our enemy rather than defect from our Savior. Like David’s mighty men, we plan on winning (2 Samuel 23:2-17). This coming Saturday evening, HZ will arrive from Beijing, China to be baptized—the gates of hell will not prevail.

The terrorist attack has served as a wake up call to me, personally. This barbaric attack has hardened my resolve to be more faithful, effective, and sacrificial in my service to the Savior. This resolve is more than a fleeting emotion. Rather, it is the result of serious reflection, the culmination of an extended thought process, focused by the events of this week. Please pray as resolve becomes specific actions.

Serving with you in Boston,

Bill, for Deb and me