Published on 06/28/13

Dear friends and supporters,

Tomorrow evening 25 people from Cambridge, Iowa will arrive at our home in Malden. A second group from Niles, Ohio (12 people) will arrive the following Tuesday. These two youth groups are coming to Boston to help the IBF (International Baptist Fellowship) minister in Boston. All together there will be 37 people in and out of our home over the next two weeks. Please pray for Deb since she will be cooking for everyone.

The ministry of making disciples of all nations by ministering in Boston continues. HZ and his wife Ivory traveled from Beijing, China in order for HZ to be baptized. HZ received Christ as His Savior while having a Bible study by means of Skype. He has now studied John, Acts and most of Romans all by means of on-line Bible Studies. Please pray for HZ, Ivory, and his children, Brian and Billy.

We came to Boston in order to obey our Savior by making disciples of all nations in Boston. Our plan is to disciple our international congregations to take the gospel home with them. By God’s grace and almighty power this is happening. Tina is an entrepreneur whose business spans continents and so does her testimony for Christ. After returning home to China for the summer, Ronnie is ministering the gospel to a close friend. Bolin’s parents, who are visiting from China, attend church, even though they do not understand English. Our disciples are growing in Christ likeness and they are ministering to their world.

We have one challenge. Many of our fellowship members have either moved on or are gone for the summer. I have referred to our remaining congregation as the skeleton crew. Our skeleton crew has embraced our calling of launching new disciples out into the world, but the reality of losing those whom we love is never fun. Pray for us as we refill our room with new faces, new seekers, and new believers.

Bill and Deb in Boston