Published on 07/31/13

Dear co-workers,

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support. It is a wonderful privilege to serve with you in our urban church planting efforts. In-order to keep you fully informed, a series of prayer letters dealing with the present status and future prospects of the Boston ministry will be provided. This series will be about 11 weeks long, and, Lord willing, you will receive a prayer letter email most Wednesday mornings. As these individual letters are written, they will be posted on the Supporters Website. If you desire, the posting may be read ahead of time.

Here are the topics I expect to cover and the dates I hope to send them to you: July 31 Introduction to the future prospects of the Boston ministry: This is the topic of the present letter.

August 7 The two summer youth ministry teams: This letter will explain the purpose of these teams, how they served here this summer, and the impact they had in Boston and beyond.

August 14 Evangelistic relationships: We are constantly meeting new friends and developing new Bible studies. This letter will briefly introduce you to some of our new friends.

August 21 Baptisms of 2013: The Lord has blessed us with several baptisms this year. You will become acquainted with a few of our baptized disciples.

August 28 The spreading out of the International Baptist Fellowship (IBF) disciples: Our visitors book is filled with well over 200 names of international friends who have been touched with the gospel in Boston. The need to network with these friends and disciples is a pressing issue. We will discuss this need and ways to meet the need in this weeks letter.

September 4 Interns: Interns are an important part of the ministry in Boston. This letter will inform you concerning how our interns are impacting this ministry.

September 11 Biological growth of the IBF: We have several marriages and children being born within the IBF. This is helping us grow as a church family.

September 18 Deb and her ministry: Deb has many varied and important responsibilities. These will be described in this letter.

September 25 Bostonians: There has been many interesting twists and turns in the ministry to those with challenging backgrounds.

October 2 IBF situation as it exists today: This letter will evaluate the progress of our church planting efforts.

October 11 The prospects for the Boston ministry and our support needs: A summary of the Boston ministry and a list of our needs will complete this series of prayer letters.

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving,

Bill and Deb