Published on 07/31/13

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving. This summer two youth ministry teams served with us in Boston: Faith Baptist Church youth group from Cambridge, Iowa and First Baptist Church from Niles, Michigan. Over the course of two weeks, 37 adults and teenagers descended upon our home. Although it was an extremely busy and exhausting time for all, I think it is safe to say that we all profited from it.

The two teams did many ministry home maintenance projects like cleaning the sump pump pit, cleaning and reorganizing the overflowing basement, weeding and rerocking the sidewalk and porch area, refinishing the deck, building a sidewalk and planter, and deep cleaning the kitchen among many other projects. The teams also deep cleaned the community building where we have our Sunday meetings, and picked up trash throughout the neighborhood.

After meeting with the mayor and his staff, we cleaned and groomed an area close to the main government buildings in our community of Malden. We also met with neighbors and shop owners in our city. By serving our community in this way, we hope to establish our credentials as ambassadors for Christ. Both groups went a long way in helping us do this.

We also tried to minister to each individual in each group by building lasting relationships with them. Together we traveled up Malden Mountain to view our city and pray for her needs. We had several on-line meetings with disciples of the International Baptist Fellowship. This gave our group an opportunity to learn about city ministry from those impacted by city ministry. On July forth, we spent the day on the Charles River in preparation for watching the Boston fireworks. While doing so, we interacted with many international friends. It was wonderful to observe the ministry teams engage international visitors.In addition to these activities, we gave both teams extensive tours of Boston. My hope is to replace fear of the city with a love and burden for the city.

This is only part of what was done and accomplished in Boston by ministering with the two ministry teams. Many hours of work was accomplished on the ministry house, relationships with city officials and neighborhood friends and shop owners were deepened, international friends were introduced to Christ loving teens, the teams were challenged with the need for city workers. Ministry happened on the local, regional, continental, and international levels. It was a good two weeks.

Next week you will learn how we met our new friends with whom we are developing evangelistic relationships.

We love you,