Published on 07/31/13

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

Over 30 years of evangelistic ministry has taught Deb and me the importance of building good relationships with friends who have not yet become Christians. Every person is made in the image of God, and Christ died for every person. Therefore, every person is of inestimable worth. These facts are the basis for building friendships of eternal consequence.

We develop friendships naturally and by means of planning. Basically, we befriend the friends of friends. We believe that since all are made in the image of God, all desire good relationships (the Trinity, in whose image we are made, has always been in perfect relationship). Therefore, becoming friends of our friends, friends seems the natural but biblical thing to do. We have found that by doing so, our ministry capacity is quickly filled with meaningful evangelistic Bible studies.

We also plan to make friends of those who do not yet believe in Christ. We do so by teaching conversational English to limited English speakers, and by having special activities like our International Thanksgiving Dinner, and Deb’s cooking classes. These activities provide the venue to nurture genuine friendships that truly care for the whole person. In fact, Deb has become the second mom to many of our friends.

Our Sunday morning service has also generated friendships and evangelistic Bible studies. Although our Sunday service is primarily designed for believers, we make sure that it is understandable to non-believers interested in understanding Christianity. Our services are simple but meaningful. This type of service has resulted in the warming of hearts to the gospel. As a result, some have responded to the gospel message. This authentic care has helped us build lasting gospel centered relationships with friends who now live internationally. A future prayer letter will address the discipleship need for young Christians who no longer live in Boston or in reach of a church home.

The International Baptist Fellowship family is continually developing many friendships which often times result in evangelistic Bible studies. I could give you a long list of names, but it is probably wiser to just ask you to please pray that these friendships and Bible studies will result in baptized disciples who love and serve our Savior.

We love you,

Bill and Deb