Published on 08/07/13

Dear friends and supporters,

This is the fourth of eleven prayer letters reporting on the state of the Boston ministry and on its future prospects. The previous letters may be found at our Supporters Website. Just click on the link This Week in Boston. This prayer letter will introduce you to the newly baptized members of the International Baptist Fellowship (IBF).

Sun, a PH.D. student at Northeastern University (NEU), was baptized in January of this year. Sun studied the Bible extensively with us, but it seemed we were losing contact with him until he suddenly called in December of 2012 with the news of his salvation. Sun is now a faithful member of the IBF. He recently taught his first Bible study from Matthew 4:12-17. Please pray for Sun as he is in a very demanding academic program.

We met Eva in the Summer of 2012. She along with her roommate, Eunice, also studied through the Bible with us. Eva came to Christ in the late fall of 2012 and was baptized in January of this year. She now lives in Queens, NY, but she is still a participant in our weekly Bible study by means of Go To Meeting, an on-line networking tool. Eva has a tenacious spirit and is not ashamed to be called Christian. Eva needs a church family in Queens, and she needs employment. Please pray for her.

Carol has been a friend for several years. I remember meeting Carol as she was helping Deb make Christmas cookies. She attended our Friday night Bible study for at least a year before responding to Christ. Carol was also baptized in January. Carol loves to help Deb prepare food for ministry events, and she is a consistent Christian testimony before her not-yet-Christian friends. She is still living in Boston and would appreciate your prayers as she looks for a job. Please pray that Carol will find employment in Boston.

Franklyn was introduced to us by Tina another disciple of the IBF. After studying several evangelistic lessons and the early chapters of John, Franklyn placed his faith in the Savior. Franklyn, an artist, is a graduate student at NEU. As a young Christian, Franklyn would appreciate your prayers for living a consistent Christian life.

HZ has attended the IBF Sunday morning meeting only two times. During his first visit his heart was strangely warmed towards Christianity, and his second visit was for the purpose of following the Lord in believer’s baptism. Over a year elapsed between his first and second visits. You see HZ, another friend of Tina, lives in Beijing and visits the United States when on business. Between his trips to Boston, HZ and I met on-line by means of Skype or Go To Meeting for the purpose of Bible study. Eventually, HZ responded to Christ in faith and then surrendered to be baptized. HZ faithfully attends our 9:00 am (9:00 pm Beijing time) Wednesday Bible study. We have studied the gospel of John, Acts and Romans 1-12. Please pray for HZ as he lives his Christian life in Beijing. Also pray for his parents, wife and children.

Eric and Luna were baptized most recently. Toby (now raising support with Baptist Mid-Missions to work in Boston) met this couple when he was first interning with us. Toby and his wife, Susan, have been meeting with Eric and Luna for many, many months sharing with them the truths of salvation found in the Bible. After receiving Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, Eric and Luna waited to be baptized until family members from China could attend. On Sunday afternoon July 28, family and friends along with members of the IBF listened attentively while Eric and Luna shared their testimony in English and then Mandarin just before being baptized by Toby. The IBF congregation was indeed blessed that day. Please pray for this couple as Christ is formed in them.

Cassie and Joe are scheduled to be married later this month and baptized in mid September, but you will need to wait to read about their story until this current series of prayer letters is completed. The purpose, people, and progress of our internship program will be presented next week.

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

Bill and Deb