Published on 09/06/13

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

This is the sixth of, now, twelve prayer letters written to inform our prayer and financial supporters of the progress and prospects of the Boston ministry. The subject today is the internship program. The internship program was designed to connect the ministry in Boston to seminarians and ministry minded college students within our constituency. Candidates are asked to join the First Look Program of Baptist Mid-Missions and raise financial support in order to be immersed in four months of city ministry. Our main goal is to train vocational Christian workers to effectively minister in major world class cities.

We have had three interns. Joelle (a seminarian from Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary) was our first intern. Joelle was a great blessing to the ministry here, helping to develop several sets of Bible studies, which are still in use today. Although she is no longer in city ministry, her work continues to be a blessing to our international friends. My prayer is that Joelle will be able to use her God given abilities to bless the world which resides in the city.

Andy was our second intern from Faith. He came as a college intern and again as a seminarian intern. Andy, who is still living in Boston, is planning on living his life serving God in the city. I call Andy the city theologian. He has been a great blessing in many ways. Most recently, he has been instrumental in the development of the International Baptist Fellowship Statement of Faith. Andy is thinking through his next step towards vocational ministry. Please pray for him.

Toby, the third intern, is now raising support to serve the Lord in the city. He and Susan (his wife) experienced the blessing of God as they moved into the city and engaged individuals with relational evangelistic ministry. They have raised over 30% of their financial support. We need Toby and Susan to be here all the time. Pray that their support will be raised quickly.

We now have a fourth intern, Audrey Smiley, who is a student from Maranatha Baptist Bible College. She is beginning to learn about the city and is starting to build relationships with not-yet-Christian friends in the city. She is particularly interested in helping those who have English as their second language. Pray for Audrey as she immerses herself in city ministry.

A fifth intern is scheduled to arrive in January. Tim and his wife, Katie, are graduates of Northland. Tim is currently raising support for his short term missionary internship. Please pray that the Reeds will have the necessary support in order for them to join us in January.

Remember, our goal is to help build ten churches in strategically located global-city-centers by ministering the gospel to the world located in Boston. Interns trained to effectively minister in the city are absolutely essential to fulfilling this calling. Please pray as we recruit and train city workers.

We love you,

Bill and Deb