Published on 10/02/13

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

This is the ninth of twelve prayer letters describing the progress and prospects of the Boston ministry. Today’s topic is Deb’s involvement in the Boston ministry

If I could sum up Deb’s main ministry here in Boston, It would be hospitality.

We serve lunch to the church family every Sunday afternoon. Therefore, Deb prepares food for 20-25 people weekly. Although not every church member is able to attend, we strongly encourage guests to come. This allows time to become acquainted. Deb tries to invite each guest personally, assuring them they are welcome. The time of fellowship is valuable to our church family, as well, since we only meet corporately once a week. After lunch, we are able to have a short follow-up Bible study based on the morning message, or a needed business meeting. We try to encourage attendance at the afternoon meeting by holding the dessert until after the meeting has ended:-)

Deb also prepares a meal, which she takes down the subway in a cart, for a Bible study at NEU. It is mostly with unbelievers, who sometimes come just to practice their English. The meal makes it a relaxed social time which helps us get to know them. As they hear the explanation for many Biblical terms such as redemption and salvation, often for the first time, we pray that God will use His Word to soften their hearts.

There are other things she uses to build relationships. A Saturday cooking class has become a regularly attended event. The subject of the Bible and Christianity often comes up, when they find out that I am a pastor. They meet me, because I make myself the official taste tester. :)

Another unique opportunity that is available is from Boston language schools’ need for conversation partners. Deb volunteers to meet with several students once a week, just to help them improve listening and speaking skills. As with the cooking class, these new friends often will allow her to talk with them about spiritual things.

Birthdays, Chinese holidays, hayrides, American holidays, ect. also keep Deb busy, as we try to include our friends in those events. Whether in words or actions, trying to be their American mom bears much fruit, as they are assured that she cares for them.

We love you,

Bill and Deb