Published on 10/16/13

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

This is the twelfth and last prayer letter specifically reporting on the progress and prospects of the ministry in Boston. The subject of today’s letter is an evaluation of the progress being made towards the goals we believe God has set before us.

We are endeavoring to build an awareness within our constituency concerning the spiritual needs and the Great Commission ministry potential found in the great urban centers of the world. By doing so, we hope to mobilize resources found within our constituency for the purpose of building strong churches in the most strategic urban centers worldwide.

I think it is fair to say we are making slow but steady progress towards the ministry goals outlined above and in the eleven recent letters. Most importantly, disciples are being made who display depth and steadiness in their walk with the Lord. The networks on the local, regional, continental, and international levels are gradually forming; an awareness of the need and a willingness to help is increasing little by little.

Our ability to effectively minister Locally is slowly growing. We have been involved with one church plant, and a second one is now forming. Thankfully, several tent-makers (non-paid Christian workers) and vocational ministers have become part of the Boston ministry. Significantly, our fellowship has a good reputation in our city, which views us as an asset to the community. It is also helpful that our international disciples are beginning to purchase property in the immediate area. Our greatest need locally is more Christian workers and more church plants.

Regionally, several churches throughout New England financially support this ministry, and we can rely upon our constituency in New England to help us when needed. An area wide awareness of the ministry in Boston is growing as is the desire to network together. In order to access the Great Commission ministry potential in Boston, we need a regional committee to help focus the spiritual and financial resources of our New England churches on Boston.

The Continental network is also maturing. For instance, interns from three different Bible colleges or seminaries have already been here or are planning on coming. Also, mission teams from across the country travel to Boston each summer. Teaching opportunities help prepare city workers. It is also important that this ministry vision is regularly presented to people across the United States who care, and are able to help make it happen. We need churches, mission agencies, Bible colleges, and seminaries to organize around the objective to build strong churches in strategic urban centers by building a foundation for such an endeavor in Boston.

The foundation for the International network is gradually forming as disciples return home or communicate the gospel with friends and family in their country of origin. It is encouraging that missionaries and mission executives are beginning to understand not only the great spiritual needs of the city, but also the unlimited Great Commission potential of the city. As a constituency of conservative, Bible-believing Christians, we need to organize together in order to identify at least 10 strategic global urban centers in which strong disciple-making churches will be built.

I had planned to include a report concerning our financial situation, but this would make it too long—next week then.

We love you,

Bill and Deb