Published on 03/05/14

Dear friends and supporters,

This prayer letter is about Ted and Rosaleigh.

Over a year ago, Jay, who became a Christian when in Boston, introduced me to Ted during an online Bible study. I have never met Ted in person, but we have been studying the Bible for several months by means of video conferencing. Last Thursday morning, Ted prayed thanking God for his salvation. The day before, while he was defending Christian truth in a classroom in Japan, he realized that he did believe. Ted’s conversion is the first one that has happened solely by means of video conferencing.

Rosaleigh is the granddaughter of Bruce and the daughter of Felicia. Both Bruce and Felicia became Christians and were baptized while associated with this ministry. Yet life has not been easy. Felicia is a single mother who works many hours. As a result, we have not seen Felicia or her daughter, Rosaleigh, in church for many months. Rosaleigh is 4 years old, and she gave her pastor a big hug when she arrived at church this last Sunday. This is a big answer to prayer for the International Baptist Church. It is also our consistent prayer that we will see the day when Rosaleigh marries a Christian man and raises children who love the Lord. I know that both her grandfather and mother would affirm their desire for Rosaleigh to avoid some of the pain that life has brought them. In fact, it is our fervent desire to be a haven for many more Rosaleighs. Will you join us in prayer for the Rosaleighs of Boston. If so, please pray that we are able to join our Savior in building a church that is able to help them.

We love you,

Bill and Deb