Published on 03/26/14

Dear friends and supporters,

Sunday was a wonderful day in the life of the International Baptist Church. Our home was full of people, which included three babies, two toddlers, and four year old Rosaleigh. As usual, we began our service with breakfast (10:30-10:55am), prayer time (11:15-11:45am), hymns and choruses (11:45-12:00am), and teaching/preaching (12:00-12:40). This week, we studied Psalm 8.

We had a big moment Sunday. One of the couples within our membership has come upon troubled times. At the end of our service, the husband shared what has happened and the repercussions he and his wife are facing. At the end of his report, the church family spontaneously gathered around, each asking how they could help. It was wonderful to watch our congregation of young believers exercise Christian compassion and love.

Dr. Jeff Newman of Faith Baptist Bible College is scheduled to arrive here this afternoon. There is bad weather in his flight path, so please pray for his safe arrival. Hopefully, we will have a good week of ministry together.

Plans for our trip to China are progressing. We are waiting for an updated passport to arrive before we apply for our visas. Once we have our visas, we will purchase our tickets to Beijing and back. Please pray for us as we prepare ourselves for this trip.

We love you,

Bill and Deb