Published on 07/16/14

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

The ways in which the Boston ministry will network with the church in China for global church planting is the subject of this prayer letter.

First of all, as was alluded to in an earlier prayer letter, the Boston ministry can serve as a conduit connecting experienced pastors, theologians, Christian counselors, effective laymen, and missiologist to the church in China. This is already beginning to happen by means of a weekly video conference Bible study.

Secondly, we can train and equip Christian workers to return to China as faithful laymen and vocational workers. For instance, before writing this prayer letter, this evening two young Chinese disciples joined me for a Bible study. These two are representative of many others who have come to Christ in Boston and with whom we continue to disciple. Many of these young Christians have a great desire to be used of God in their homeland. We can help them connect to the Chinese church.

Thirdly, the Boston ministry is continually involved in training vocational Christian workers for city ministry. At this point, those trained have had heavy involvement with our friends from China. One family (Toby and Susan Stevens) and one man (Andy Scott) have become missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions and are now raising their needed support (Actually, Andy is finishing BMM candidate seminar this week). We will continue to recruit and train Christian workers, who will be equipped to bless China according their calling.

Andy Leaves BostonAndy leaves for candidate seminar with Baptist Mid-Missions

Fourthly, we have the potential to recruit ministry teams who will minister short term in China. Already a church in Beijing is asking us to supply Christian workers for a summer camp designed to teach conversational English to Chinese children.

Fifthly, there is a need to biblically and theologically equip Chinese vocational workers and laymen to ministry more effectively. By networking with key educational institutions, there is great potential to bring Chinese workers to the USA for vocational training.

Sixthly, perhaps Deb and I should consider periodically returning to China in order to deepen existing ministry relationships, follow up on returning disciples, explore more networking opportunities, and continue to learn about China and her spiritual strengths and needs.

Please pray as we pursue these various avenues of networking with the Chinese church. Basically, networking global church planting with the Chinese church is a simple matter of following human relationships as God directs. Pray that our Father will grant the needed wisdom.

The Lord willing, the subject of next weeks prayer letter will explain the greatest need of the IBC. I think it will be an important letter.

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We love you, Bill and Deb