Published on 08/27/14

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

Wisdom Shouts in the Street I have been promising to share why it is improper to start a mono-ethnic church in a multi-ethnic city. I think most of us agree that it has always been God’s intention to rescue all peoples from the curse of sin. This same intention should be in the heart of every disciple of Jesus Christ. By God’s providential care, many cities of the world have become places where people from all parts of the world reside. How could it possibly be that a Christian minister would look out over a city and not have a burden for all the peoples of the city? In fact, I would take our responsibility a step further. Since our Savior gave us the command to make disciples of all nations, and since He has made this possible by bringing the nations to the cities, should it not be our goal to join our Savior in making disciples of all nations in our cities?

There is another reason why it is essential to start multi-ethnic churches in multi-ethnic cities. By doing so, we authenticate that our message is from God. This is the topic of next week’s prayer letter.

In the next few days, Deb and I will be returning from Grand Teton National Park to Boston. While here we have made new friends with people from Jamaica, Thailand, China and Japan. Several of these are coming to Boston and are making plans to visit us.

If you are interested in our financial ministry needs you can visit our Supporters Website where you will find more information than you may have ever wanted.

We love you,

Bill and Deb