Published on 10/15/14

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

Back in Boston I (Bill) arrived home Sunday night, and, after visiting her parents in Iowa, Deb returned to Boston Tuesday night. Tuesday began with a 10AM video online Romans Bible study with friends from Boston, Iowa, and Beijing, China. This was followed by an online video conference prayer meeting with Baptist Mid-Missions church planters across North America. After this, the house needed cleaning prior to Deb’s arrival home—a frenetic time of frenzied activity. Finally, Tuesday evening was capped by an excellent Bible study (John 12:20-28) with 7 in attendance. This was the last present-in-person Bible study for Roger, who is returning home to China on Wednesday. Roger came to Christ and was baptized while in Boston. In his first Bible study, we only covered Genesis 1:1. It was hard for Roger to believe that God created everything. Now he has a soul set on fire by God, and he is returning to China as a fervent witness of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. He hopes to work and live in Beijing. Yesterday morning, by means of video conferencing, Roger was introduced to members of a house church in Beijing.

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Recant Or at least offer a further word of explanation. Last week, I explained my dogmatic opinion that it is improper to start mono-ethnic churches in multi-ethnic cities—I need to clarify. It is more correct to say that as a movement of churches, schools and mission agencies, we should join our Savior in making disciples of all nations in our cities. We should strategize to engage world class cities with the gospel in such a way as to authenticate our message. This can be done by showing that Christ is greater than those things that separate ethnicities. Think of how the world’s ethnicities are so at war. Wherever one cast his global eye, strife, division, and death are present. In Christ, all Christians are one and peace is able to reign between and across all ethnic divides. Showing in the local congregation Christian multi-ethnic unity is a wonderful and biblical way to authenticate that our message is from God. God will do what is humanly impossible, and joining God in doing so will help the world know that our message is from God. What better way to do this than in the local congregation.

So, while I have absolutely no desire to question the calling of my faithful bothers engaged in mono-ethnic city church planting, I do think it wise to join God in planting multi-ethnic churches, and recruiting and developing multi-ethnic church planters. It is the need of our hour.

Support It has been a very expensive year for Deb and me. As you know, we have invested heavily in our ministry home and have had the expense of a daughter’s marriage. We are financially drained. Also, as is the case each year, we have lost a bit of support due to the financial constraints of some of our supporters. If you would like to join us by way of regular financial support or by means of a one time financial gift, you would be very welcome indeed.

If you are interested in our financial ministry needs you can visit our Supporters Website where you will find more information than you may have ever wanted.

We love you,

Bill and Deb