Published on 01/07/15

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

Beijing Trip Complete

I know Deb and I have been home since the end of May, but it seems like we just completed our China trip missionary assignment. This is because two of the last three Sundays, I have been speaking to churches in Maine. These meetings were postponed until this fall due to our sudden need to leave for China ahead of schedule.

Old Wrestlers

Old Wrestlers Never Die They just go to China

The International Baptist Church (IBC) It is good that our focus has returned to our church plant in Boston. Many of our members have either returned to China, moved to other places in the USA, or are busy raising support in order to minister vocationally in Boston. This has presented some wonderful opportunities for our members remaining in Boston.

Those of us who are longterm participants in this ministry enjoy remembering the many faces of individuals who have come and gone. Our global friends arrive, become part of us, and then return home. For a brief moment in time, we get to share with our new brothers and sisters the life we have received from our benevolent God, and that life goes with them as they return home.

The seats they once occupied are now available for new recipients of God’s grace. We, in the IBC, are waiting with eager expectation, wondering who will next join our life with God. Who will be the next one to receive the Savior and enter into eternal and abundant life?

Please Pray

Jo-She has been studying the Bible with us for a long time, but has not yet placed her trust in the Savior. She is a precious friend and recently has experienced serious physical issues.

Sidney-We became acquainted with Sidney through the brother of Eva ,(she came to faith and was baptized here). Sidney and I have studied the first 14 chapters of Genesis. He is not yet a Christian.

Song-We have completed 10 of 12 through-the-Bible evangelistic studies. He may be close to receiving the Savior.

Han-He has just begun his pilgrimage of faith. We have studied Genesis 1-3 and this week, Lord willing, we will study Genesis 4-5.

Beibei #1:-) She is a long-term language partner of Deb’s. Deb has walked through difficult times with her for several years. God has providentially brought certain events into her life that has now made her open to God’s Word. Lord willing, this week we will begin our study of His Word with her.

Deb’s Cooking Class-This class happens on many Saturday afternoons. Many young ladies and some young men come to learn how to cook American food. Please pray that these budding relationships would become opportunities to share the good news.

The International Thanksgiving Dinner

On the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before Thanksgiving the IBC will host its annual Thanksgiving dinner(s). Please pray for Deb as she is the main administrator and worker for this event. There may be close to 75 people joining us over those three evenings. Pray for the new friends that we will meet. Pray they will see in us the Christ who yearns for their salvation.

In conclusion, pray that the vacant seats in the IBC services will be filled with new faces, faces which will one day radiate the love of Christ.

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We love you,

Bill and Deb