Published on 01/07/15

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

Patty Miller is with the Lord

Deb and I have five children and nine grandchildren, all desiring the Lord. It was Hal and Patty Miller (founders of Campus Bible Fellowship) whose presence in Cedar Falls, Iowa and whose love for the Lord and for us that made our family possible. We love Hal and Patty. We are grieving for Patty (yet not without hope) and are praying for Hal. Patty was always the one who put me lovingly into place. I would make some wisecrack and she would reply in a way that was humorous but humbling—edifyingly so:) We weep now, but one day… think of the rejoicing CBFers will have when we meet together there. I will be the quiet one, concerned that Patty may zing me one more time.

Haotian Shares the Word

Craig Teaching

This last Sunday was a very special day in the life of the International Baptist Church. One of our disciples, who became a believer and was baptized as part of this ministry, taught the Word. After reviewing the life of Joseph, Haotian offered an application. He said something like, “I once wondered why God did not give us what we want. But then I came to understand that our Father does not spoil His children.”

A Chinese Friend, a Faithful Witness

In our Tuesday morning on-line Bible Study fellowship, we heard an interesting story from one of the participants—a professor in a university in China. A week age our professor friend had asked us to pray since he was scheduled to meet unexpectedly with a party official assigned to his university. Our friend was concerned because of the bold and clear witness he continually gives to students and faculty at his university. Today, he thanked the Lord that the meeting went well. In the meeting, our professor friend even challenging the party member concerning the need to teach the Bible to the university faculty!

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We love you,

Bill and Deb