Published on 04/29/15

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

The snow continues. This last Sunday was even worst than the previous week. Most churches in Boston were closed Sunday, but the International Baptist Church (IBC) was not. We had 21 people in our service, six physically present and fifteen present by means of on-line conferencing. Do pray, the roads in and around Boston are snow packed and the subway is running at a very limited pace. All of this is effecting ministry.

Toby Stevens (on deputation) made a special trip from Pennsylvania to speak in the IBC Sunday morning service and to attend the Sunday evening Chinese New Year celebration held in our home. Although the Sunday evening social was canceled, we had a meaningful time of fellowship with Toby. A mature Christian already, God has used deputation to deepen Toby in his commitment and ability to serve effectively. It is edifying to be his friend. Please pray that the remainder of the Steven’s support will come in quickly.

After last week’s prayer letter, several of you sought to comfort me in my busy schedule. Some even seemed concerned that possibly I was discouraged—nope. Although I deeply appreciate your care and concern, I need to let you know that Deb and I are flourishing in our love and service for our Savior.

One wonderful supporter observed that my busy schedule must be like drinking from a fire hose. I replied, yes, but it is living water that I am being flooded with.

Our life is wonderful. We feel like we have found the sweet spot of ministry, and we have absolutely no complaints, only praises and thankfulness to our mighty God who placed us in His service.

We do need continual prayer in the area of priority setting. We are forced to cut some essential areas of ministry until help arrives. For example, there is no time to stay in contact with some who have gone back to China. Christ is not formed in them yet, and we can’t do a thing about it—not complaining but very burdened. I could give several other illustrations, but you understand.

Please pray, a solution to this dilemma may soon materialize.

If you are interested in our financial ministry needs you can visit our Supporters Website where you will find more information than you may have ever wanted.

We love you,

Bill and Deb