Published on 04/29/15

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

You have been praying with us, asking God to help us build a more permanent foundation for our Boston church plant. We need this stable foundation for two reasons: 1) Boston is in dire need of churches that unashamedly teach the whole Bible including a special creation and the literal fulfillment of the prophetic portions of Scripture. Doing so is the only way to provide the comprehensive worldview needed for thorough discipleship. 2) Our international ministry to academia needs to have a model church from which our young disciples may learn what is expected of them when they return to their homeland.

It may be that God is beginning to answer our prayer. There is now potential for several couples and individuals to move back to Boston in order to rejoin the ministry locally. I am not able to share more details now, but please pray that this potential will become a reality.

Please also pray specifically for a family in our neighborhood who came to supper recently. We have known them and ministered to them for several years now. At supper, I asked them to join our church family. They are without a church and very young in their understanding of God and the Bible. They need a church to care for their family, and we (the International Baptist Church) need them to help form a more stable foundation. Please pray.

I presently have five on going evangelistic Bible studies, but two of these have been on hold during busy academic schedules. The goal is to have seven regularly ongoing evangelistic studies.

Deb and I are starting to spend time in a nearby park that is the recreation area for fathers, mothers, teens, and children from all over the world. We hope to develop relationships, which become evangelistic Bible studies, which become Christians. Also, Deb hopes to have a cooking class which will include immigrants from our community. We are asking God to help us build this local church mirroring the demographic of Malden in which 46% of all residents are foreign born. By doing so, we will not only have a more permanent foundation for the International Baptist Church, but we will also be able to follow human connections to other lands. This will result in the making of disciples of all nations.

Thank you for praying. God seems to be answering our prayers.

If you are interested in our financial ministry needs you can visit our Supporters Website where you will find more information than you may have ever wanted.

We love you,

Bill and Deb