Published on 11/04/15

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

The process of launching disciples from Boston continues. Last week, Deb and I had lunch with Bolin, one of our disciples, and her parents. As I wrote in an earlier email prayer letter, Bolin became a Christian and was baptized through the ministry of the IBC. Actually, she spent her first week in the USA living in our home. She has been a great witness to her parents, who attend church with her. Bolin will be moving to Irvine, California to begin her career. She is ready to go.

Bolin and Parents

Bolin and her Parents

I learned recently that Will will be leaving for China in late August. Will does a good job studying the Bible on his own, and everyone readily acknowledges that Will displays the gift of helps. Will and I are spending extra time together preparing him to be a faithful Christian when he returns home.

Song Will Bolin Eating

Song, Will, Bolin (we eat a lot)

There is mounting pressure for a return trip to China. Since we traveled to China in May 2014, several of our disciples have returned and are asking for a visit. Also, there is a need to help connect our disciples and our disciples parents to the house church movement in China.

Because of the nature of this work, it is best done on a personal basis. I am aware of several house churches in China and believe that through these, as well as through other contacts, we may be able to continue to develop a network of churches with whom we are able to minister.

Bolin put it best, “Friends are like stars, although far away, they still shine brightly, but every once in a while, you still need a personal hug.” It is our goal to help those who came to Christ while with us in Boston to become faithful witnesses and church builders in China. This may take repeated trips to China.

We have four on-going evangelistic studies and there are eight individuals in on-going discipleship studies. We need to have a minimum of seven evangelistic studies. Please pray that our evangelistic relationships will become evangelistic Bible studies.

Please pray with us,

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