Published on 11/04/15

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you for being our co-workers by means of prayer and giving.

Home Again

After an important time of rest, we are home again and fully engaged in ministry. Our trip to Wyoming actually supplied many ministry opportunities of its own. In addition to spending time with our children and grandchildren and hosting our first creation retreat, God provided many other life sharing situations. We met a Navajo Christian scientist/missionary with whom we hope to minister, and God provided ministry to several needy people. In addition, we were able to connect with a young man who we met at the rock climbing gym in Boston. His sister, it turns out, lives just across the street from our children in Jackson!


Chris We are constantly amazed at the way God helps us build relationships, which become evangelistic opportunities. In fact, while walking in a camping area in the middle of the Teton National Park, Deb unexpectedly met a couple from Boston with whom we have ministered to for several years. This couple was overcome with emotion, understanding that God provided this unexpected meeting.

Tammy Yang and Deb

Tammy and Yang

Onward As usual, God continues to move ahead of us, providing tremendous ministry opportunities. A friend from China, Jason (a visiting scholar), and I began our evangelistic study in the book of Genesis last week. We had a wonderful time discussing the beginning of all things. It is such a joy and privilege to engage an individual with the Word of Life and watch the lights begin to come on. Please pray for Jason as our study continues.

This evening we had our normal Tuesday night Bible study. The subject tonight was John 1:1-18. A new friend named Kun had previously asked what John meant by saying “in the beginning was the Word.” This Chinese visiting scholar is staying with us this month before returning to China next month. Her husband , a Christian, is happy about this, hoping that Kun will respond to Christ and become a Christian while here. She is a willing participant and hopes to learn enough about Christ in order to place her faith in the Savior.

Bible Study

What does John mean by the word, Word?

As you know, our ministry calling is to minister to the world that is in Boston in order to minister to the whole world. God has opened many doors to China for which we are extremely thankful. But we want more. We ache to effectively minister to other nationalities in Boston so that the gospel may go from Boston to other places—and God is moving ahead of us. Jose and Richard have come to us from the Dominican Republic. These young men love the Lord and greatly desire to be faithful to Him while in Boston. They are coming to church regularly, and together we have established a Bible study in the Harvard area of Greater Boston. By ministering with them, we hope to see other individuals from their part of the world respond to Christ.

Richard and Jose

Richard and Jose join the IBC

Our ministry opportunities continue to accelerate, and there are many needs. Please pray as we engage new friends with the gospel, and disciple young believers with the Word. Pray that we are able to build the necessary networks, which will provide the gospel free course into the great urban centers of the world.

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We love you,

Bill and Deb