Published on 11/04/15

Boston Heading

2015-09-17 Dear friends and supporters,

Last week we enjoyed a Labor Day picnic at the ministry home. Normally, our picnics are held at an area park, but we decided to have this one in and around our home. Those of you who are familiar with our property may be wondering how we have enough room to host a picnic. It is true that our front yard is the size of the postage stamp with only a ribbon of property around the house. Still, Deb has made our yard into a garden, and it is quite cozy. Bill grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, and we greeted new and old friends. Some of these new friends came to our church service last Sunday, and several have asked to participate in evangelistic and discipleship studies. Please pray for Luke (a young believer) and Peter (inquisitive about the gospel).

The last Sunday evening of September we will host a traditional Chinese fall festival, and this will be followed by an apple picking social the first weekend of October. Socials provide non-pressurized times of getting to know old friends better and to meet others for the first time.

Jay and his wife Wendy have moved into Boston. Jay is an alumnus of this ministry, and is returning from China after several years away. You may remember Ted with whom I have had many online Bible studies. I became acquainted with Ted through Jay. Although I have never met Ted in person, he has responded to Christ, and is now working at living the Christian life. Jay’s parents are also coming to Boston and will arrive in a couple of weeks.

Our relationship with Jay is a picture of how ministry works here. We major on relationships, following them to other relationships. In this case, our relationship to Jay has lead us to his wife, to Jays parents, and to Ted. There are many such cases as this.

This evening there were three in the evangelistic study—two post-doctorate researchers and a graduate student. We have been meeting for three weeks, finishing the third chapter of Genesis this evening. Please pray that the gospel will become clear.

We have many evangelistic relationships. Please pray that some of our friends will respond to Christ.

Thank you for supporting us,

Bill and Deb