Published on 03/13/16

Dear friends and supporters,

Five years ago Deb engaged a Chinese scholar in a conversation concerning the Christian Faith as the hope of China. Patrick came to church one time, but then returned home to China. Recently, he sent an email, asking us to pray for him, stating he had lost his way. Patrick asked serious questions, and received answers he did not like, but Patrick still desires to study the Bible. Please pray that Patrick will agree to an online evangelistic Bible study.

An old friend and retired pastor has joined the International Baptist Church (IBC) ministry, and is teaching the online Wednesday night study. That study is attended by IBC members who live in California, Oregon and Boston. Another person from California will soon be joining us. Our retired-pastor-teacher is a gifted communicator of the Word of God, and he works hard at connecting with our Chinese disciples—he is making a difference and helping young believers grow in the Lord. We need him, but there are financial and physical problems that may limit his involvement. Please pray for Peter.

Next Sunday Chris will be baptized, and the following Thursday he will leave for China. Chris is determined to live for the Savior. We need to connect Chris to an online young believers Bible study, and, if possible, help him find a house church in China. Please pray for Chris.

Thank you for supporting us,

Bill and Deb