Summer Vacation

Published on 08/31/16

This Week in Boston

July 29, 2016

Summer Vacation?

In a little over a week, Deb and I will be traveling to Jackson, Wyoming for a time of ministry, followed by vacation. The ministry will include three things. 1) A creation retreat, which we are hosting. 2) Engaging in evangelistic relationships with the many international summer workers employed at the Grand Teton National Park, along with the many international tourists visiting the park. 3) Working on a major paper for my studies in Practical Theology. This assignment is helping me think through why our ministry to those with significant life-controlling problems failed. It will also help us to more effectively minister to this demographic of Boston. I say demographic, which sounds impersonal, but I see faces when I speak of this—faces of people with whom we should still be engaged.

We are also planning to add a men’s retreat next year to our Teton adventure/ministry. I hope to convince men from our supporting churches to join me in a strenuous hike, camping in the mountains, and sharing our Christian life and ministry together. Come reboot with me.

Our vacation will be a time of hiking, camping, spending time with family, and contemplation. It was in the Grand Teton National Park where around 50 years ago I began to wonder about the existence of God. While sleeping outside under the exceedingly bright expanse of stars, my heart and mind began to turn to God. Each year I try to return to my Bethel to reorient myself to what is important—I hit the reset button.

Daniel Tetons

What about Boston?

After a prolonged time of saying goodbye to many of our congregation, as they left Boston for China or the West Coast, our core group seems to be stabilizing. Several of our disciples were able to find a way to stay in the United States for another year or longer. In addition, we have added a few Christians to our fellowship. In a recent prayer letter, I told you about Peter and Beck Laitres, but another Christian from Kurdistan has also joined us. When you add these to our existing core group, there is reason for optimism. As one person put it, “It gives us something to build on this fall.” Recently Deb became acquainted with a large international family (actually a group of families) in Malden. As you may remember, we are working to effectively minister to the large immigrant community in our town. It appears that the Lord is opening doors. We are praying for the day when we will have the world of Malden/Boston represented in our church family, and progress is being made.


Next Monday, I begin an intense course (Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30) in the Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME) of Boston. I have more pre-class course work to complete than I can possibly accomplish. Please pray for me. The material I am studying is proving to be very beneficial, but difficult to grasp.


Deb is working on our visas for our China trip. It looks like we will be going around the last week of October and the first week of November.

Great Wall

You may not hear from me again until September. Just remember,

Deb and I appreciate and love you,

Bill and Deb