2019-02-16 Moving Forward

Published on 05/17/19

Recovering and Moving Forward

Fellow workers for the Gospel,

I am sitting in the living room of the ministry home contemplating the last two years. Within that time, Deb and I have visited China, helped the International Baptist Church install Toby Stevens as its new pastor, reported back to almost all of our supporting churches, endured several surgeries and have almost finished the planning and vetting of Boston and Beyond a globalized cities initiative. There have been many significant changes in our lives, and some pretty serious ups and downs, as well. Deb and I are so glad that we serve a God who does not change, and that to remain steady, we simply need to walk in fellowship with Him.

Health Update

On January 16, I had hip replacement surgery. My son, Rob, came to Boston to help his mother care for me for the first few days. I couldn’t make a move at night without said son checking on me. Deb has been a taskmaster, not allowing me to do anything that might set my recovery back. In fact, I was invited to attend the Super Bowl (Patriots again), but the surgeon said no, even though I offered to get Tom Brady’s autograph for him. Seriously, I am on the mend and doing better each day.

Boston and Beyond a globalized cities initiative

As you know, on March 7th B&B will be presented to the General Council of Baptist Mid-Missions. It seems certain that B&B will be approved, and that means it will be go time for Deb and me. Actually, we have been doing much of the work already, but becoming an official ministry within BMM will definitely speed things up.

I am reading Burning Wicks again, which is the history of Baptist Mid-Missions. William Haas (the founder of BMM) was a pioneer missionary, missionary recruiter, mission agency organizer, linguist, tireless evangelist, and a strategically minded missiologist. His desire to see souls saved drove him to the middle of Africa, a place he never really liked. His love for the Savior and his burden for souls drove him to a place that took his life when only 51. For much of that time, he was alone without wife or son, taking canoes down lonely steams and rivers, heading for the next African village in order to share the gospel message. Willam Haas’s sacrificial example is the heritage of Baptist Mid Missions. As he envisioned, BMM missionaries serve all around the world.

Rather than die young for the Lord, Deb and I desire to live long doing the Lord’s bidding. Like Haas, our stewardship is multifaceted and will demand healthy bodies and minds to accomplish our assigned stewardship—a church in ten globalized cities, ministering the gospel to the ten major civilizations. We desperately need your consistent and persistent prayers on our behalf.

Financial Update

I am happy to report that our financial situation is improving. Our account with Baptist Mid Missions is healthy once again, which is an amazing turnaround in so brief a period of time. In addition, we have some new support, which is very helpful. I will be working a few hours weekly at a rock climbing gym. This will help a bit financially, but the main reason is to allow us to travel internationally more easily. Some countries prefer rock climbers to missionaries.

We still have medical bills to pay. Some of our supporters have come along side to help us in this regard, but we have a ways to go yet. I’m not sure what we owe, since we are still waiting for some to the bills to arrive—probably in excess of $10,000.00. Looking at the bright side, our deductible will be met for the year.

Finally, it has been difficult to schedule deputation meetings in the Northeast. Part of this is due to my recovery with the associated medication. We need to regularly be in churches across the country in order to recruit workers and raise funds for B&B. Pray for us, that our schedule will include meetings three Sundays a month.

Praise and Prayer

My hip replacement surgery went well, and I am on the mend. It has been a time of forced rest and needful reflection. God is having His way. On March 7, Boston and Beyond a globalized cities initiative will be presented to the General Council of Baptist Mid Missions. This is the last step in what has been a very long process. Let’s pray that all goes well. In the next prayer update, Lord willing, it will be a time of praise and rejoicing.

In March, the Anderson family will come to Boston spending a week to find work and permanent lodging. It is their desire to enter into the ministry here as lay people. Deb and I will be hosting them.

In May the Nida family will be doing the same as the Anderson family. Again, Deb and I will be hosting them. Faithful lay workers/tentmakers joining the IBC may be our greatest need, so this is a big answer to prayer.

Jeans Tsen, who is raising supper to come to Boston, is making slow but steady progress. Andrew Eddy is on course to join Baptist Mid Mission and Boston and Beyond later this spring. He will then start the process of support raising.

Financially things are beginning to improve.

Support Information for Your Consideration

For more information concerning our monthly support needs, you can go to Bill and Deb’s Website for Supporters and click on the Financial Information tab.

Schedule for Prayer

March 7-8—The General Council of Baptist Mid-Missions will discuss the inclusion of Boston and Beyond a globalized cities initiative into the mission and organization of BMM.

Tuesday Mornings—Bible study by GoToMeeting into Shanghai, China

Tuesday Nights—Prayer and Fellowship by means of GoToMeeting with potential team members of Boston and Beyond (every other Tuesday).

Wednesday Mornings—Prayer and fellowship by means of GoToMeeting with disciples who have returned to China. This is being organized by those in China. We are planning on meeting every other week. We are not sure what the future for this is, because of the potential danger for our friends in China.

While recovering from surgery, much of this has been on hold.

Wednesdays—Deb and I meet separately with Pastor Toby and Susan Stevens for prayer and fellowship.

Thursday Mornings—Deb teaches conversational English to Chinese immigrants.

Evenings—Deb and I hope to have small groups into our home around three times a week for dinner and gospel discussions. These dinners will be primarily for not-yet-Christians with whom we have been building relationships.

Saturdays—Deb makes new friends though cooking class

Sundays—We are planning to be in a different church three Sundays per month for the purpose of enlisting prayer warriors, raising financial support for B&B, and for challenging churches and individuals to become corporately and personally involved in this globalized cities initiative. Thus far, we have made very little progress filling our schedule.

We Love you,

Bill & Deb

The goal of Boston and Beyond a globalized city initiative (B&B) is to obey the Savior by joining Him in the fulfilling of His command to disciple all nations. We believe this is possible for two basic reasons: 1) Jesus has all authority, and He has promised to help those who surrender to do His will. 2) The Savior has providentially prepared globalized cities, places where the nations can be discipled, both locally and globally.