2019-03-14 Boston and Beyond Vetted

Published on 05/17/19

Boston and Beyond Vetted

Dear Partners,

On March 7 at around 7pm, Boston and Beyond a globalized cities initiative was unanimously approved as a ministry of Baptist Mid-Mission. Deb and I are thankful that the vetting processes is now complete, which will allow us to focus more fully on other tasks. It is time to concentrate on the fundamentals of globalized city church planting. You can help us by fervently and continuously praying in five specific areas: 1. Evangelistic Ministry (below) 2. Church Growth (Our foundation needs to expand) 3. Recruiting Workers (We must have more workers) 4. Demographic Studies (We need to identify strategic cities globally) 5. Launching Ministry Teams (Just like the ministry of the apostle Paul).

Of these five, our evangelistic ministry is of foundational importance. Everything else within the Boston and Beyond plan is dependent upon successfully engaging the global community of Boston with the gospel. Pray specifically that our Father will lead Deb and me to new friends from all around the world who sense the need to know God.

Praise the Lord

1. Deb’s Bible study into China by way of GoToMeeting is getting serious. Our Chinese friend is asking all the right questions as she studies the Gospel of John. Also an immigrant friend is starting to use the Bible for family problems even although she is not yet a Christian.

2. Boston and Beyond is now operational.

3. Another church increased our support, and they also spent a financial gift to help with our medical bills. God is answering our prayer and significantly strengthening us financially. We still have some work to do on our monthly support and on our medical bills, but we are very encouraged.

Prayer Request

We have many prayer requests, but I will leave you with a time sensitive one. Deb and I need to find a home for our family cat—Pele. We have had him for many years, but we will be traveling frequently, which will not allow us to care properly for Pele. We need a family experienced with cats, who will care for Pele, who is around 13 years old and in good health,.Please pray that we can quickly find a suitable home for Pele. In the first week of April, we hope to travel outside of Boston, but we need to find Pele a home first.

I will be sending another email to you soon (Lord willing), with some exciting news and with additional prayer requests.

Bill and Deb