2019-07-08 Fellow Workers

Published on 11/26/19

Fellow Workers for the Truth

Dear Fellow-workers for the Truth (3John8),

Recently a dear friend asked me why missionaries speak in churches. As a result, we have had an extensive study of missionary giving. The first lesson was from 3 John, which reminded me how dear each one of you are to Deb and me. We know that you are fellow-workers for the Truth—Thank you.

Our ministry/life schedule is becoming steadily busier. Our days are filled with wonderfully important meetings, Bible studies, communications and interactions, but we are having difficulty managing it all. We need your prayers for wisdom to order our schedules. One part of ordering our schedules is making sure you have what you need from us, so you can pray for us.

Our plan is to resume sending a short weekly prayer update covering the various aspects of our ministry lives: 1) personal needs 2) the five areas of Boston and Beyond that are simultaneously progressing 3) Our online ministry presence. 4) Our Urban Peaks ministry. Today I will just list the areas with a general prayer request. In subsequent weeks, one area will be highlighted.

Personal Needs: Spiritually, physically, and mentally fit so we can effectively minister and accomplish the stewardship God has given us.

Boston and Beyond—Ten churches in globally connected cities to reach all ten civilizations.

International Baptist Church—A church which ministers to the whole world in Boston. Evangelistic Ministry—Extensive International evangelistic relationships & Bible studies Recruiting—Tentmakers, Career oriented professionals, and vocational missionaries Demographic Studies—The selection of the ten most strategic Great Commission Cities Launching our Ministry Teams—The formation of ministry church planting teams Online Ministry Presence—Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blog, and Linkedin Urban Peaks—Rock climbing ministry to underserved kids

Being efficient in all these areas will cause the gospel to take root in Boston and Beyond—Please Pray.

Praise the Lord—A supporting church has decided to give $2,000.00 dollars towards our collapsible tables, which designed for small places like our city apartment/cocoon.

Additional Prayer Request—We need 12 chairs from Expand Furniture. They are very slim and easy to store. The total cost for the chairs $1,785.00 Slim chairs

We love You,

Bill and Deb