2019-10-08 Ministry of Reconciliation

Published on 11/26/19

Cocoon Bible Study

The Ministry of Reconciliation

Fellow-workers for the Truth,

(Below is a description of a recent evening of ministry.)

The above photo was from a recent Friday night, which was a wonderful evening of ministry. It began with excellent interaction during the evangelistic study, which included a young professional woman and a Northeastern University grad student. Our study was held next to the kitchen where Deb was preparing the evening meal.

At the end of the study 11 other people trickled in, coming for supper and fellowship. This group included several not-yet believers, (one from India, one from Taiwan, two from China), three believers who are now church members, and two couples who have come to learn about globalized ministry—so cool. This kind of mixture of younger and older Christians, along with some who are investigating Christianity allows discipleship to happen on multiple levels.

Our Expandable Table and Skinny Chairs

Deb and I were excited to have 13 people in our home that Friday night. It would have been difficult if it were not for two gracious churches, which provided the funds for an expandable table and skinny chairs.

A Thankful Heart

I have had recent interaction with various Boston and Beyond alumni.

Ronnie is back in China where his business takes him on the road a great deal of the time. Although it has been difficult for him to find a church home, his ardor for the Lord continues unabated. It was a blessing for me to talk with him and to sense his continued steadfastness in the Lord.

Bolin, who now lives on the west coast, once described the Boston ministry diaspora as bright stars in the sky who need a hug once in awhile—a very adequate description. Her vibrancy for the Lord is contagious. When our conversation was over, she said, “Goodbye my father in the Lord and brother in Christ.”

Luke is the believing husband of Rachel who is doing online video conferencing studies with Deb. Luke does not have a church home yet, but every once in a while he will confirm to me that he prays for me every day.

A picture was recently posted on social media of two of our Boston and Beyond alumni who were visiting another alumnus and her new baby in California. They were enjoying meaningful Christian fellowship, partially as a result of their time in Boston where they were introduced to the Savior.

Because you, our supporters, sent us here, there are individuals scattered across the globe who now have hope in our Savior. Words cannot express the thankfulness we feel towards you. Your financial help keeps us in Boston, and your prayers help us to be effective in ministry. We love you and desperately need you.

Prayer Calendar

Time Away: I asked you to pray for our time of planning and organizing. That time went well, and we are now living the updated plan.

Weekly Schedule: One wonderful blessing is that we have many evangelistic relationships (genuine friendships that are ready to become evangelistic Bible studies), three ongoing evangelistic studies and many hours of discipleship.

September 13: The Mid-Autumn Chinese Festival went well. We had close to 40 in attendance and met many new friends. As a result we have a new evangelistic Bible study participant.

October 28-31: Missionary Conference at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary.

Boston and Beyond

The International Baptist Church (global launching pad)—Growing and Maturing

The Evangelistic Ministry to the nations in Boston (the heartbeat of what we do)—Growing

Recruiting Interns, Lay Ministers, and Vocational Ministers—On-going and Growing

Demographic Studies to determine future ministry locations—Research and Consultation is Ongoing

Launching the Teams—We hope to launch our first team in the fall of 2020