2019-5-17 The Big Move

Published on 11/26/19

From Ministry Home to Ministry Cocoon

Recently Deb and I moved from 6 Wyoming Place in Malden, MA to 290 Columbus Avenue #4 Boston, MA 02116. We have a new ministry home (cocoon), and it is quite a transition.

Twenty years ago, some of you helped us rebuild our first Boston area ministry home. It took eight months and a huge amount of volunteer labor to completely rebuild the Malden property, and it was for a good cause. The Malden property was dedicated to the Lord’s work and was extensively used to build evangelistic relationships, which became an international church family.

Having now moved us into a new phase of the Boston ministry, God has also moved us into a more strategic location in the middle of Boston. In fact, we now live three hundred and fifty feet from one of the busiest subway and commuter rail stops in the city of Boston. We are literally surrounded by the international academic community. The globe, all of it, is within walking distance of our new Ministry Cocoon.

A Cocoon?

Yes, we moved from a house of 1,900 sq. ft., to a studio which is 311 sq. ft. There are many reasons why we discerned this move to be God’s will for us, but suffice it to say that we believe this new location will help us be more effective at doing the Great Commission, which is our Savior’s command to us.

We now live in a tiny place which needs specialized furniture, that will allow us to continue to flourish in our hospitality ministry. If you would be interested in investing in this essential aspect of the Boston and Beyond ministry, you can find more information on Bill and Deb’s Supporters website by clicking on the Needs and Wants tab.

Prayer and Praise

Our financial situation continues to improve, and our medical bills will be paid off this month. Wow! Praise the Lord! Build the Church—The Anderson family will be moving to Boston in June, the Nidas in late summer. Evangelize the Nations—We have three evangelistic studies, but need many more. Recruit the Workers—Potential Boston and Beyond workers meet together online regularly to pray and share life together. Andrew Eddy recently successfully completed the doctrinal portion of his Baptist Mid-Missions application. Gene Tsen is now above 40% of her needed support. Do the Demographics—One of our future team members is working with me to identify key globalized cities according to ten civilizational categories. Launch the teams—Because of government pressure in some places, we are making other arrangements to communicate with these disciples. There are two families planning on moving to Boston and serving as laypeople in the church.

Prayer Calendar

July 1-3: Faith Baptist Theological Seminary professors from Ankeny Iowa will cohost course on hermeneutics. This is the beginning of an effort to theologically train international disciples.

July 4: We will again picnic by the Charles River, meeting with new and old friends, and developing evangelistic relationships.