2020-04-04 Shaun Prays

Published on 08/15/20


The Apostle Paul considered Epaphroditus, his brother in the faith, a fellow laborer and a soldier of Jesus Christ (Phil 2:25). I’m no apostle, but Bill and Deb of Boston consider our prayer and financial supports, as the same, our brothers and sisters in the faith, fellow laborers and solders of Jesus Christ. We so love and appreciate you.

Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” In these days, we might interpret His meaning in this way; Jesus is building His church and the coronavirus is powerless to stop Him.

This was a beautiful day in Boston, highlighted by a live online video Bible study with one who now has peace in our Savior. I met with this person, who I will call Shan, from 2 PM to 3 PM this afternoon, the subject being John 6. Since last summer, we have already studied from Genesis 1 through the Old Testament and into the Gospels.

Today, we took turns reading all of John 6, only pausing to reflect, answer questions, and explain context. Towards the end of the study, Shan asked, “Why did some disciples withdraw from Jesus?” As I struggled to explain, Shan interrupted, “I know why, they withdrew because they understood that Jesus was offering something deeper than food, and they weren’t interested.”

At the end of the study, and for the first time, I asked Shan to close in prayer. Consenting, this prayer was offered, “Our Father, thank you that in this crazy time you give us security. Please help those who don’t know Jesus to also have security.” These may not have been the exact words, but they do reflect the heart of faith from which they came. The prayer went on for a while in what sounded like the words of a seasoned prayer warrior. But this wasn’t a seasoned prayer warrior, rather, we are hoping, a new believer in Christ, who now has security despite the pandemic.

Yup, for sure, Our Savior is building His church, and the Covid-19 is powerless to stop Him, Joining our Savior in Boston and Beyond,

Bill and Deb