2020-06-11 Sharing Life

Published on 08/15/20

Fellow-workers for the Truth,

Deb and I are enjoying our annual retreat to Teton National Park in Wyoming, USA. It is a good time to spend away from Boston while our city slowly works towards reopening from the coronavirus, and as Boston recovers from the demonstrations, riots, and looting. I have written about both the ramifications of the coronavirus and the Boston unrest in my blog (blog.interglo.org) if you would be interested in my take on things.

As you may remember the Grand Teton National Park holds a special place in my life. It was in the Tetons that God began to reveal Himself to me over fifty years ago, and it is to the Tetons that I return to be spiritually renewed, refocused and reoriented.

Although we view this time as a spiritual retreat, a time when Deb and I can draw closer to God and each other, it seems that we always also have awesome opportunities to share the life of Christ with new friends. This year is no different.

We met a family of three, and because we had bear spray they elected to hike with us. It was a five mile hike up the side of a mountain, which provided time to become acquainted and share our lives together— and this is exactly what we did. I noticed the daughter was wearing a cross neckless, and felt led to ask her if the neckless was decorative or something deeper. She replied that she was currently investigating Christianity. As we ascended our mount, there was ample opportunity to talk about the beauty of God’s creation and provide reasons to believe in a creator God who made creation for ‘made in His image” people to enjoy.

After reaching the top of our mount, we sat together over hot chocolate and pizza. I asked Drew, the young lady considering Christianity, what led her to investigate Christianity. This question resulted in a lengthy discussion of Christianity, Christ, and the gospel. Towards the end of our time together, Drew asked, “How do I know when I become a Christian?” Deb and I explained that we first of all need to recognize we are sinners and need God’s forgiveness. We also shared God’s promise to save us if we trust in His Son who died to remove our sin. Her mother and father were very involved with the discussion, and we shared our contact information with them as we left. We have always known that the Teton National Park is a place where people from all over the world travel to view God’s creative wonder. We are so glad to be here to help some of these understand the God of creation.

We are indeed thankful, Bill and Deb