2020-08-15 The Way it has Gone

Published on 08/15/20

Boston and Beyond

Fellow-workers with our Savior,

Perhaps an effective way to describe what is happening in the Boston ministry right now is to share a recent conversation I had by means of WeChat (a soon to be outlawed online communications tool). The conversation is with a friend of at least seven years, with whom Deb and I have lived through both wonderful, but also difficult, times together. In the course of our friendship, she embraced the Savior. We will call her by the name Lydia. Here is the conversation:

Bill: Hi Lydia, Is it true you are leaving for China at the end of August?

Lydia: Yeah, Did Jean tell you?

Bill: Yes she did. Are you flying to Beijing?

Lydia: Unfortunately no, it’s not possible to get a ticket to Beijing, so I need to transfer a few times.

Bill: Going through Japan?

Lydia: Yes

Bill: How do you feel about leaving?

Lydia: Bittersweet, finally it’s time.

Bill: It is bittersweet and it is time—the Lord knows and will be with you. I believe good times are ahead for you. Deb and I are looking forward to visiting you in China—in God’s good time. But I’m sad…

Lydia: Thanks Bill! It’s sad, but full of hope. God has taken care of me so much and now He is telling me it is time to move on. I really hope your day to visit China is close. Not only for me, I believe those who are in China are missing you and our church so much!

Bill: So now you’ve become my encourager—thank you Lydia.

This precious disciple of the Lord came to the United States without a knowledge of God. During the last seven years she experienced severe trauma, but then also received eternal life. Now things have come full circle. By God’s grace, Deb and I were her teachers unto Christ and Christian living. Now she has become an example to us of faith and Christian character. Our Christian child has become our edifier—serving the Lord is wonderful!! Please pray for Lydia as she returns to China, and pray that we are able to assist her and others like her to faithfully serve the Savior in China.

Bill and Deb