2020-09-09 Being Human

Published on 02/02/21

Dear Supporters,

Deb and I have waited to tell you about an additional aspect to our ministry, because we needed to inform and seek counsel from our sending church, as well as from our colleagues at Baptist Mid-Missions.

While our ministry home remains in the center of Boston, beginning this month, Deb and I will be spending some time (one week monthly) in the state of Iowa. This will allow us to fulfill our stewardships in the following ways:

Of first priority and the main reason for this is to assist our parents who are in their 90’s. We will report to supporting churches, many of which are in Iowa. With permission and counsel from the administration at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Ankeny, Iowa, we hope to talk individually with students about the Boston and Beyond ministry. We will continue our online ministry of global Bible studies and prayer meetings, whether in Iowa or in Boston. We need to be clear; our long term goals/calling remains the same, which is to develop ministry to the world, by ministering in our cities. However, we cannot claim to serve God if we do not care for family. My father-in-law once said to me, (twenty plus years ago), “It used to be that family took care of one another.” He’s right, and the Bible teaches us the appropriateness of this. We plan to do so. When talking to a missionary administrator friend, he reminded me that you don’t need to be a Christian to know it’s right to care for aging parents. Perhaps this is why Paul said, if we don’t do so, we are worse than unbelievers.

It has always been a guiding principle of my life that one can’t really minister well while ignoring family needs. We are looking forward with eager anticipation to adding this blessing to our lives.

We love you,

Bill and Deb