2020-11-22 Pie Ministry

Published on 02/03/21

The Pie Ministry I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it. (Mt 16:18b).

Dear Supporters,

Our Creator God is helping us minister in creative ways. Rather than having our traditional International Thanksgiving Dinner, we opted for a pie ministry. That is to say, we decided to take homemade pies to our friends with whom we desire to share the life of Christ. In fact, Deb made and delivered 15 pies, and the International Baptist Church (IBC) is delivering over 50 pies, all freshly baked by members of our church family. Pie Delivery

Over fifty deliveries all across Boston as gospel-centered relationships continue to be formed. PIEGIVEAWAY

Deb received this photo shortly after delivering the pie—It didn’t take long. Girlpie

A conversation partner’s child.

God has helped us understand He is not limited by the Covid. Rather than succumbing to limited gospel opportunities, our Savior has taught us to flourish in our relationship building. The 50 plus pies we delivered ministered to many more families and friends. Only eternity will reveal how far a little extended hospitality has reached. In the meantime, pray with us. Pray that these pie flavored relationships will grow into salvation producing Bible studies.

We love you,

Bill and Deb