2021-06-21 Resting in the Lord

Published on 06/21/21

Resting in the Lord

“Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him…” Psalm 37:7a (NASB)

The word “wait” may also be translated to writhe or tremble, travail, as in giving birth. The word, “patiently” may be translated, longingly.

There is a principal found in Psalm 37 and reiterated throughout the Word of God that we must patiently wait on the Lord. This is not easy and is not always comfortable, yet, it is necessary and will be rewarded. If that which we long for in any circumstance is the Lord, the end will always be good.

Dear Supporters,

We are busily waiting on the Lord in Williamsburg, Iowa, which is close to the global community of Iowa City. We are busy in that we are proactively pursuing the next phase of Boston and Beyond, perhaps soon to be labeled Nexus Cities Ministry. Much of this activity involves waiting, praying and thinking and waiting some more. Some areas where we need to wait:

We need to wait, but also study to understanding what the global community will look like going forward. How will the pandemic and global political tensions impact the interaction of nations in strategic nexus cities? This is a question we need to answer in order to plan how best to join our Savior in the building of His church.

We need to wait as we work with ministry partners to decide how best to minister to the global community of Iowa City. We may do so in conjunction with a local church in Iowa City, or it may be wiser to inaugurate a new church specifically designed to minister to the global community there. Either way, Lord willing, the ministry in Iowa City will become a second hub for reaching the nations by ministering in strategic cities—Nexus Cities.

We need to wait to communicate to all of our partners concerning the next step in our joint endeavor. We have communicated with several of our supports, but we have a long way to go. It would greatly help us if those churches in the New England area would contact me about meeting with them in late August. It may be a meeting with the pastor, deacons, missions committee or church family. We are planning to be in Boston in August and have the second half of August free. By the end of the year we hope to be done communicating the next step in ministry to our Iowa supporters, as well. Would you, if you are an Iowa supporter, consider contacting us about a possible time to talk, meet or present our new ministry plan? While we wait we will study Iowa City as a global community. This involves learning about the various ministries in Iowa City as they relate to global ministry. It will also include finding the strategic places to meet and engage the nations. Mostly, we need to understand the makeup of the global community in Iowa City. Networking will continue with churches, Bible colleges and seminaries, collaborating on nexus city ministries.

Finally and most importantly, we wait as we fill up our lives with evangelistic relationships, which will become Bible studies, which will become, Lord willing, Christians.

Two Recent Gospel Encounters

An electrician came to our home to install a ceiling fan. After showing himself to be quite profane, he asked me my profession. I responded, “I’m a minister”:-) Surprisingly, this resulted in the sharing of my salvation testimony at his request!

Recently, a new acquaintance stated that belief is the end of learning. I responded, “You need to believe you can learn in order to to learn, so actually belief is the beginning of learning.” This resulted in a long conversation concerning Truth and Christianity. He did not become a Christian that day, but hopefully he is one step closer.

Life giving Words

From our sending church, Trinity Baptist Church, Concord New Hampshire,

We are honored to have a missionary that honors father and mother in their time of need as well as desires to preach the gospel and mobilize workers wherever that obedience leads him.

And another helpful encouraging word,

As a member of the Elected Council, I have been receiving your prayer letters and praying with you through what I am certain was a heart wrenching decision, but one you knew must be made in transitioning your ministry base out of Boston and closer to family. I commend you for your godly approach to caring for the needs of your parents. I know well the experience of leaving a place and people you love in response to understanding what the Lord is asking of you.

My Response: It is true, the excruciating pain of actually leaving Boston to do what is obviously God’s will was in fact brutal, traumatic and disorienting, but the purest decision we’ve ever made, and God is growing us through it. And that’s the last word about our transition—time to move on.

Daughter and Granddaughter Backpacking Trip

Tomorrow, we leave for Jackson, Wyoming, where we will join daughters, daughter in-laws and granddaughters for a three day backpacking trip. Longing to spend quality time with each of them. Oh, and two sons will act as mules:-)


June 20—July 3: Wyoming, hiking, camping, time with family July 4—August 4: Williamsburg, Iowa and Iowa City July 17–-18: Collaborative meeting with Steve Anderson, Baptist Mid-Missions administrator July 19—25: Vacation Bible School missionaries at Faith Baptist Church, Iowa City August 4—13: In Boston with a team from Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary August 4—September 1: Potentially in Boston reporting to supporters August 8: Speaking at Evangelical Baptist Church, Newton, MA August 15: Speaking Pilgrim Baptist Church, Brookfield, MA September—December: In Iowa: deputation, demographic studies, and building evangelistic relationships. September 26: Speaking at Calvary Baptist Church, Greene, IA October 10: Officiating a wedding of a Boston and Beyond alumna in California October 18–26: Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary Missions Conference November 22—December 2: Potential missions trip to Kurdistan

Prayer Requests

1) Please pray for our backpacking trip with daughters and granddaughters. 2) Pray that we will be able to speak to all of our supporters about God’s leading in Nexus Cities Ministry. 3) Continue to pray as we form new relationships with not-yet-believers from the global community. 4) Pray for a ministry team coming to Boston from Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary this summer. Pray that we are able to give them a good introduction to city ministry. 5) Pray for us as we seek to schedule meetings in all of our supporting churches to report and explain how God is leading us to join Him in the global community of Iowa City. 6) Please pray that our churches will understand the move to be of the Lord and profitable, not only for family, but also for ministry—the fulfillment of the Boston and Beyond (Nexus Cities) ministry plan. 7) Pray as we invite new supporters to our financial team. 8) Pray as we network with students, faculty, staff and administrators at the Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary missions conference. 9) Pray that our participation in weddings and receptions will bring glory to God as we renew acquaintances and meet many new friends from around the world. 10) Pray for a potential November missions trip to Kurdistan. Recently our hearts were broken by a Kurdish disciple. We spent more time teaching this man the Bible than anyone else—He even lived with us briefly, a time of intense discipleship. Sadly, the relationship ended very badly, and he walked off into the dark. However, our broken hearts have opened our hearts to the Kurdish people. An opportunity has presented itself to travel to Kurdistan. It is an opportunity to learn more of these people and to investigate ways to network with believers there.

Life and Ministry Continues,

Bill and Deb