2021-09-04 Looking for Open Doors

Published on 09/06/21

Acts 16:7b they were trying to go into Bithynia, and the Spirit of Jesus did not permit them;

Dear Supporters,

The Apostle Paul, who had a very specific calling from God, should be an encouragement to us all. Paul made plans to obey God’s calling, but, at times, God redirected Him. God did this to enable Paul to fulfill his calling. This is how our Father is dealing with Deb and me. He is closing some doors and opening others, so that we can fulfill our calling.


Granddaughter Camping Trip: Deb and I had a wonderful time with five granddaughters, two daughters, a daughter-in-law and two sons hiking and camping in the wilderness of Wyoming. We came from Tennessee, Chicago, Iowa and Wyoming to spend time nurturing our family relationships—so thankful to God.

Granddaughters camping trip

VBS: In July, Deb and I were the Vacation Bible School missionaries for Faith Baptist Church of Iowa City. It was an intense time of blessing as we observed the experienced ministry team at FBC effectively minister to children of all ages. We really felt we were the ones ministered to.

Faith Baptist Bible College: In August, Deb and I spent several weeks in Boston and much of that time was with a ministry team from Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. It was a fun time of sharing the principles, which undergird the Boston ministry.


Reporting to Supporters: While in New England, we reported to a number of our supporting churches. These meetings were incredibly encouraging.


Studying the Global Community: We continue to study what is happening in the world and how these happenings will impact ministry to the cities of the world. I will be reading several book regarding this and plan on posting summaries in my Life and Ministry blog.

Evangelistic Relationships: Our evangelistic relationships are beginning to increase. Some of these relationships become Bible studies, some Bible study participants become Christians. Pray!

Communicating with Supporters: We have communicated our change of ministry location with almost all of our churches east of Iowa. Now we are working on reporting in person to our supporters in Iowa. If you are one of these, help us by contacting us to plan a meeting time.


September 5: Speaking at Immanuel Baptist Church, Newton, Iowa September 26: Speaking at Calvary Baptist Church, Greene, Iowa October 7-12: Officiating a wedding of a Boston and Beyond alumna in California October 18–22: Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary Missions Conference October 22-24: Missions Conference, Saylorville Church November 22—December 2: Missions trip to Kurdistan

Prayer Requests

1) Pray that we will be able to speak to all of our supporters concerning God’s leading in Nexus Cities Ministry. 2) Continue to pray as we form new relationships with not-yet-believers from the global community. 3) Pray for us as we seek to schedule meetings in all of our supporting churches to report and explain how God is leading us to join Him in the global community of Iowa City. 4) Pray as we invite new supporters to our financial team. 5) Pray as we network with students, faculty, staff and administrators at the Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary missions conference. 6) Pray that our participation in weddings and receptions will bring glory to God as we renew acquaintances and meet many new friends from around the world. 7) Pray for a potential November missions trip to Kurdistan. Recently our hearts were broken by a Kurdish disciple. We spent more time teaching this man the Bible than anyone else—He even lived with us briefly, a time of intense discipleship. Sadly, the relationship ended very badly, and he walked off into the dark. However, our broken hearts have opened our hearts to the Kurdish people. An opportunity has presented itself to travel to Kurdistan. It is an opportunity to learn more of these people and to investigate ways to network with believers there.

Life and ministry continues,

Bill and Deb