2021-11-15 Beyond Boston

Published on 11/16/21

Dear Supporters,

Boston and Beyond is moving forward in International Iowa City. God has introduced us to many new friends including: A Chinese family of four, another Chinese single lady, three Nigerians, a Nepalese family, one Brazilian, an Ecuadorian, and a new friend from India. These friendships will hopefully deepen into gospel Bible studies. This will happen through genuine caring and patience, waiting for an opportune time to share our love for the Savior. Please pray for us.

Our International Thanksgiving Dinner will be this Tuesday evening. We are expecting between 35 and 40 guests, which will hopefully include many not-yet-believers. We are so thankful for the members of Calvary Baptist Church of Grinnell who provided seven scrumptious looking pies. Iowa hospitality provides a solid foundation for global evangelism. Please pray!

On Thursday of this week, I (Bill) will travel to Kurdistan, (the semi-autonomous region of northern Iraq). It is a privilege to accompany my brother, Bob, who will be ministering to pastors in the region. I discipled a person from this region while living in Boston. My Kurdish friend probably received as much personal care as any disciple God has provided us. He showed great spiritual insight and growth. There were times of regression and then rebounding, but in the end, the discipleship relationship died and he went the way of the world—I still pray for him each day, please pray with us for this disciple from Kurdistan. As a result, my interest in Kurdistan has flourished. When I am there, I hope to learn more about this fascinating region of the world and how we, within Boston and Beyond, may join our Savior in building His church there. Pray please.

Life and ministry continues,

Bill and Deb