A Clearer Picture

Published on 04/04/22

To our precious and cherished supporters,

I have shared that, by March of this year, a clearer picture of our ministry should emerge. This reflected the changes which both the geo-political realities and our personal move to Iowa necessitated. Over the next week or so, I hope to describe what those changes appear to mean for our future ministry together (the Edmondsons and their supporters). The description will take the form of nine communications. Although few will read all these, they will provide a public record on our Supporters Website. Following is a synopsis of what you can expect:

The Death of an Old Friend: I was asked recently to preside over the funeral of a close friend. Rather than being a somber time of intense sorrow, it was an occasion of fond reflection concerning God’s goodness and sovereign care.

Our Introduction to Toluwalase (Authority belongs to God): Deb and I are asking God to help us engage truth seekers from various religious and secular persuasions with the gospel. Toluwalase is one such precious individual.

The Surprising Demographics of Iowa: As Deb and I have asked God to help us understand how to minister to the global community in Iowa, we have been astounded at what we have found.

Our Ministry to Aakesh (Lord of the sky): The foundation of the global ministry to which God has called us is the ministry of personal evangelism with folks from other places. Aakesh is the father of a family from India.

A Strategically Positioned but Needy Church: Des Moines, Iowa is the home of a thriving global community. The Lord gave us the opportunity to speak to a church in the heart of Des Moines about how to develop an effective global ministry.

Continued Education and Networking: Deb and I frequently travel to Ankeny, Iowa, where I am auditing a course in Hebrew Poetry. This allows for networking with Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary.

A New Sending Church: What seemed like a bit of a problem turned into a great blessing, propelling our ministry forward.

The Ministry Plan: Based upon our prayerful investigations and activities, God has helped us develop a new ministry plan. The location is new, but the ministry remains the same—reaching people here to minister the gospel there.

Financial Support Report: With the move to a new location comes a new support estimate and an adjustment of estimated support needs.

Hopefully these communications will provide clarity of vision, and accountability of mission. We love you, appreciate you and need you,

Bill and Deb