A Friend in Shanghai

Published on 09/14/16

Dear Friends,

A while back, a visitor (I will call him James) from Shanghai attended the Sunday services of the International Baptist Church. He came with his wife and child, and, although James was only with us for one Sunday, he stayed several hours after the service, sharing his Spiritual needs with me. Since that first meeting, James and I have been studying the Bible together online and have now completed John 1:1-18, John 3 and Genesis 1-4. In early August, James made a quick trip to Boston for the purpose of visiting his wife and in order to bring his son back to Shanghai with him. Again, we had a long discussion covering the whole panorama of the Bible.

In my latest online meeting with James, Wednesday morning, James explained that he believes in the existence of God, but he does not yet know who his God is.

There are many pressures in Jame’s life: his father has advanced cancer, his mother has a severe heart condition, his business is going through difficult times, his wife is not able to return to China for quite a while yet, and he is the lone care giver for his son, but must work many hours as well.

Like so many of our friends from China, James is beginning to appreciate that the Bible gives a reasonable and satisfying explanation for the existence of all things and for the dilemma of man. What James lacks is an appreciation for his loss condition and an understanding of the remedy for his lostness, which is found only in the cross of Christ.

James needs faith. Will you pray for him?

Bill and Deb