A New Name

Published on 12/09/22

Our Dear Fellow-Workers for the Gospel,

Thank you for your many years of faithful and sacrificial support—you inspire us. Deb and I are busy and thankfully serving the Lord in Williamsburg and Iowa City, Iowa. Please pray for Deb’s father, who is not doing well.

A New Name

On June 23, 2022 the council of Baptist Mid-Missions approved a name change from Boston and Beyond a globalized city initiative to Global Crossroads Ministry making disciples of all nations. We think this better reflects our stewardship.

Prayer Requests

People: The essential core of our stewardship is ministering the gospel to the world in Iowa City. We are developing personal relationships which, prayerfully, will become evangelistic Bible studies. When our friends become Christians, an embryonic church will begin to function—a launching pad for global ministry. As we together, (we, along with our supporters) pray and work, this will surely happen.

Preparation: Firstly, we are rewriting our through-the-Bible evangelistic studies. Secondly, our ministry plan (otherwise known as my doctoral thesis) is being reviewed, revised and updated. This will become the ministry plan for Iowa City and beyond. Thirdly, we are studying the global community of Iowa City, the Christian community and the community as a whole, to better understand how best to join what God is doing here. We will be unique in that we focus our efforts on the global community. In addition, our theological framework is distinctive. Progress is being made, but prayer is needed.

Provision: As you may remember, July marks the loss of $750.00 monthly support. However, a dear missionary friend decided to support us for $50.00 a month—a huge encouragement. We also think we may have $200.00 of other support beginning soon. This leaves us $500.00 below a very real monthly support estimate. Our responsibilities preclude us from traveling far to raise support, and we do not expect most of our supporters to be able to increase their giving. Therefore, we just need to pray together for the Lord’s provision. He always has provided, and He always will.

Thankfully serving the Lord,

Deb and Bill