April 14th, 2010

Published on 04/14/10

Adam Heather Silas and Elijah

This Week in Boston

I would like to introduce you to Adan, Heather, Silas, and Elijah. Adam and Heather grew up in Wisconsin, attended college at Northland International University, and have an insatiable desire to serve the Lord. They originally considered joining a ministry team going to a limited-access nation, then they sought to raise support in order to work with us, but finally decided to serve the Lord as tent-makers in Boston.

I will never forget the day Adam decided to visit the “bad part of town.” He was staying with Deb and me when he decided to take a tour of Dorchester/Mattapan. This area is what most would consider to be a crime-ridden, dangerous part of town (the most dangerous part). This wouldn’t be the place you would recommend for someone with a rural upbringing, like Adam. With all of this in mind, Deb and I became quite concerned when Adam did not return in what we considered a timely fashion. When Adam did return, he did so with a smile on his face and a satisfied heart—he had discovered his place of ministry.

Adam and Heather purchased a dilapidated house on the boundary between Mattapan and Dorchester, and went to work. The house had been abandoned for some time and had a homeless person living on the porch. You can imagine all the work that was needed—it was extensive. Adam and Heather have endured extreme conditions to say the least, but now they have established themselves as a presence for the Lord in a very, very needy part of Boston.

The area where Adam and Heather live is not only a needy area, it is also an ethnically diverse community. It is a potpourri of nationalities all in need of a gospel testimony. Adam and Heather are members of our fellowship, and co-workers for the cause of Christ in Boston. It is my prayer that God will put it into the hearts of some of those reading this today to join us in the Boston ministry—just like Adam and Heather.

Please remember to pray for this family, especially for Elijah (the energetic one) and Silas (the thoughtful one) and one on the way, (to be named:-)

Basement Update

Please continue to pray as we were not able to make much progress finishing the basement this week. A couple had planned on helping us, but my schedule became too full as to be available. Rob, Amanda, Robin, and Lola will be joining us in about a week to be mentored for city ministry. Our basement will provide elbow room for a full house, space for office ministry needs, and an overflow area for our Sunday fellowships. Please continue to pray. Our financial need for the house is now under $1,000.00. Thanks!

Bill and Deb from Boston where the Son always shines.