April, 2009

Published on 04/16/09

Dear Friends,

God has been showing His kindness and sustaining power in our lives and it is clear to us that many of our dear friends have been diligently praying for the Edmondson family. As you may remember, we requested prayer for the successful completion of Bill’s degree requirements, for the Boston ministry in general, and for a very difficult financial situation. It is the purpose of this prayer letter to document how God is answering your prayers.

The Degree Requirements

The Lord led us to commit a large amount of time and energy towards finishing Bill’s degree in missiology. This commitment included traveling to Croatia in order to work on the thesis with Bill’s thesis mentor. This required that Deb and Linda function without husband and father and that our new church plant (International Baptist Fellowship) function without a pastor for an extended amount of time. The effort devoured most of January, February, and March culminating in a successful thesis defense on March 13th. As a result, the ministry plan for Global Church Planting within the Mobile Academic and Immigrant Communities of Metropolitan Boston has been completed. Thank you for praying.

The Boston Ministry

The ministry of the International Baptist Fellowship is not built solely upon the pastor but upon a fellowship of believers committed to Great Commission ministry in Boston. While Bill was consumed with thesis preparation, the Sunday morning services were taught by members of the fellowship and the evangelistic, baptismal, and discipleship studies also continued unabated. As a result there will be a baptismal service for two new believers at the end of this month and another participant has recently placed his trust in Jesus Christ. Although theologically unformed the testimony below—received by way of email—reveals that this international student has come to faith in Christ.

“Yes, I feel a new motivation to a new life from what you said from the Bible, and I am like a baby adopted by the God, because the believing in the God, who sent the son to pay our sins, then we do not want to sin any more, we want to build the bridge to the God through trusting Jesus, who died for our sins. What we do in current life is known by the God, and he is perfect, so we want to reach the relationship with the God and receive the no-perishing life with the God after we are gone from the earth. Think more about others, think more about the God and Christ, believe in Christ forever and get the forever lasting life with God.”

Rather than languish, the ministry has actually moved forward even without the pastor. Thank you for praying.

Our Difficult Financial Situation

In October of last year we reported to you that we were $1500.00 under our monthly support need and that this had put us significantly into the red in our mission account as well as in our personal finances. Good progress is being made. Our support has increased by around $750.00 a month and by tweaking our health insurance we were able to reduce our monthly need by two hundred and fifty dollars. This means that we only lack $500.00 monthly support. Special gifts and deputation meetings have put our account at the home office of Baptist Mid-Mission in the black. Praise the Lord! We still have personal debt that has accumulated as a result of our own personal financial tsunami, but we are praying that by refinancing our mortgage and by further deputation that this will also be erased. Your diligent prayers are making a difference.

Thank you,

The Edmondsons