April 28th, 2010

Published on 04/28/10

This Week in Boston

It has been another good week in Boston, and I am glad to share the details with the whole ministry team. I am sitting in Starbucks (Wellington), because the house is in an uproar with Rob and Amanda putting their mark on the third floor. It is quite humbling to realize that they gave up what they had in Jackson, Wyoming in order to be mentored for ministry in Boston. They went from a two-story parsonage duplex to a small two bedroom third floor. Their view was the Rocky Mountain range known as the Tetons. Now they look out at the house next door. People like Rob and Amanda inspire me to do more for our Savior.

Sunday (an edited version of an IBF publication “The Glory”)

Yesterday was a good day in the life of the International Baptist Fellowship. The morning started earlier than normal when Adam, Heather, Silas and Elijah arrived at 10:00 AM to begin setting up our Bible study room. We had a new setup which increases our seating capacity. The room was cleaned, tables set up with nice ironed table clothes on them, and refreshments were prepared. The newly acquired keyboard was put in its place and the PowerPoint projector set-up. Hymnals were handed out and our new church bulletins distributed. Then, Amy settled our hearts with a prelude “As A Deer.” I must confess that I was a little tense for some reason Sunday, until that prelude. It seemed to calm my spirit and prepare my heart to worship—thanks Amy.

We had a good solid time of prayer and then we turned our hearts and minds to 1 Corinthians 15: 1-11. We discovered that our labors for our Savior are not in vain because the gospel makes the difference, the resurrection actually happened, and a consistent Christian life works.

As normal, we had a great lunch at Deb’s Diner and we celebrated Heather’s and Robin’s birthdays. Following lunch we had our afternoon session with Steve Caesar, who concluded his four week mini-series on the Christians’ view of the origins debate.

This last Sunday was picture Sunday and our Father gave us a good representation of the ministry for the photo op. This last Sunday also marked the last Sunday that Kai will be with us—he is leaving for China on Friday morning. Yet, at the same time, God brought us a new family (Rob, Amanda, Robin, and Lola), and a new friend (Peter), into our fellowship.

All in all, it was a glorious Sunday and we saw God at work in our midst.

A Basement Update

We are thankful to the Lord and to you, as the money for the basement project has been provided. Now the work remains. One couple from Evangelical Baptist Church (Newton, MA) helped us begin to seal the ceiling, but the majority of the work remains, which includes: sorting, removing and storing all the remaining items in the basement, finishing the sealing of the ceiling, painting the ceiling, finish cementing the floor (there are several areas that have never been finished), put a skim coat over the entire floor, and install a sump pump. Please pray as we continue to work on this. Our group is growing, and the room is needed. It is difficult to do, because there is not much time available to do the work. Please pray specifically for each task, that they will be done in order and with a spirit of excellence. If a qualified team would like to serve the Lord by helping with this project, it would, indeed, be a big help.

Kai Leaves—Others Arrive

Kai (our brother in the Lord who trusted in the Savior and was baptized last year) is flying back to China on Friday of this week. Deb and I will be dropping him off at the airport early Friday morning. We sang, “Bless be the Tie that Binds” to him at the Sunday fellowship. Now it becomes our duty to follow him back to China and to help him to live faithfully there. We will endeavor to do this by means of the Web. As Kai leaves, we are glad to report that several new friends have appeared in our fellowship. In addition to my son and his family (Rob, Amanda, Robin, and Lola), Jason, Tina, and Peter have begun to attend our fellowship. All three of these are interested in investigating Christianity. The conversations we enjoy with our new friends defies description. Suffice it to say, it seems that what we are experiencing is Christianity as it is meant to be, and we are so thankful to our Lord for allowing us to be part of it.

Educational Needs

Bill and Deb will be continuing their educational endeavors as the Lord provides. We see this as an essential element of our church planting/movement plan/vision. We want to do all that is in our power to facilitate such a movement and education is a big part of this. Education will be a continuing need of ours, so we hope that you will not tire of hearing about it. If you are interested in reading more about our educational financial needs, you may find more information at our supporters’ website, which you many find at interglo.org (international ministry with a global impact).

We love you in the Lord,

Bill and Deb from Boston