Back in Boston

Published on 09/08/16

Back in Boston

Dear Friends,

This last month has been a physically and emotionally draining month for Deb and me.

The first week of August, Bill attended an intensive module on Practical Theology at the Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME) in Roxbury, Massachusetts. The instruction and interaction were very helpful in gaining a better understanding of inner-city ministry. This module was the first of four, which must be completed in order to finish the Master of Theology Degree in Practical Theology at CUME.

Gordon Conwell CUME

As well as gaining a better understanding concerning inner-city ministry, this degree will open other educational doors and will enhance my teaching credentials. I believe completing this program will help accomplish the stewardship God has assigned—making disciples of all nations by ministering to all nations in Boston. The cost for each module is approximately $2,400.00.

The second week of August found Deb and me in the Grand Teton National Park, where we hosted the second annual creation retreat. It may be best to characterize this year’s retreat as a great blessing, well worth the effort expended.

Although we had planned to remain in Wyoming longer, because of fatigue, we decided to return home to Boston on Thursday, August 18.

Teton Cross

Much of the remainder of August was consumed dealing with a very difficult situation. All in all, the summer months of 2016 have been a bit tiring. Surgery, our creation retreat and dealing with a difficult situation has left us a little spent. We are thankful for the fall:-)

China Trip Later this year, we hope to travel to Japan, Taiwan, and China in order to visit and strengthen those to whom we have ministered in the past. We estimate the cost for visa expenses, and traveling to be around $5,000.00. To date, we are not aware that any of our supporters have given to this ministry effort. We look to our supports for confirmation of God’s will concerning such trips.

Great Wall

Reporting to Supporters Beginning in October, Deb and I are reserving one Sunday per month in order to report back, both to supporting churches, and, also to individual supporters. Please contact us about scheduling a time when we can come and tell you about God’s work in Boston. Another goal of our deputation ministry is to raise new supporters for the Boston ministry. We lack about $1,200.00 of monthly support.

Developing Evangelistic Relationships Please pray as we work at developing new evangelistic relationships. There are three primary ways we do this: 1) Just by living life, looking for opportunities to engage individuals in gospel-centered relationships 2) Deb’s Saturday cooking class, where we meet many new friends 3) English Corner, a way in which we engage new people in friendship by means of teaching conversational English.

Evangelistic Bible Studies I now have six evangelistic Bible studies with six men from China. Three of these are online and three are local. One of the online studies will soon become a local study.

Young Believer Discipleship Peter, who was recently baptized, may be returning to Taiwan soon. He will need careful follow-up online.

Other Studies and Online Meetings In addition, there are several other ongoing local and online Bible studies and prayer meetings each week. We are thankful to be in the Lord’s service.

Please pray for us.

Bill E.